05 December, 2009

DONE install all the drivers

A'kum n ello..

i don't need to be a computer science student to do this.
i don't need to pay rm50 or rm80 or more to format my own computer.
i don't need my brother who constantly said "alia.can't la~you have to find the cd" and gave up easily while helping me for this.

all i need is my...

knowledge and..


i have to thank Google. and maybe to the Dell website.

most of the drivers that i download were from the Dell website. but some of them are useless. i can't do anything with them.

still, if the Dell website is useless,you just have to search at other places,and that's where Google is useful at that kind of time.


you know, as i've known computer since i was 4, i remember that i always play the computer games after i got back from my kindergarten. i remember i played monopoly by using star wars characters. i remember that i always fail at minesweeper. i remember that the only thing i know to use from a computer is Paint.and i remember i played Barbie games at PC cos i love Barbie PC games instead of the Barbie dolls.

i don't say that i'm good with computer or anything.i'm just saying that i'm quite knowledgeable in this stuff.haha.and i learn them by searching at Google or look at the manual book.

honestly people.manual book is really useful.why the hell you people don't believe me?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

still, i finally have all the drivers for my laptop.hohohohohoho.i'll save the installers cos maybe this old computer need to be reformatted again. it's an old computer anyway.and i'm not thinking of buying a new one.

ta then!


asyachumel said...

tahniah diucapkan

Dayya said...

bagos2 :)

Alia Liverpool said...

terima kasih.amat terharu saya membace kate2 pujian terhadap apa yg saya buat.TQ!