23 December, 2009

[plan] Bandung: packing.

A'kum n ello...

done the packing..

Telekung : check!
Sejadah: check!
ubat gamat: ah~~

i haven't been this happy for awhile now. haven't went to any holiday for 2 years,so i'm really looking forward for this holiday.

and also, i already plan with aqilah that 2010 will be a very difficult year for us,and so this Bandung trip will be last time for us to enjoy our life before 2010 arrive.

at least, a last time to enjoy,not include the plan to watch Sherlock Holmes.

there this 1 tiny unhappy thing tho. i don't have any camera. at least i have my e61i phone camera.but still............

oh well. i found this old BenQ camera that use batteries as it energy source. and damn, i don't have any memory card for that camera. and i hate that camera.

ta then!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

pesan kat Ayah utk bawa... the olympus? orange one?