02 December, 2009

I is a Castellar.

A'kum n ello..

as i was chatting with najwa about sleeping in the middle of the day eventho wake up around 11am, i suddenly remember that i dream something that really ridiculous.

not really ridiculous,but you can even make a movie out of it.

the dream is like Jumper, but not the same.

it consists of Castellar(a hunter), a special human(the prey) and monster(the pet).

Castellar is something like Shinigami(if you're a Bleach fan,you may understand this).Castellar has this ranking to show their level of strenght. it's like chess, the pawn is the slave, the king is the king. and,I,is the Castellar, the queen.

terer kan,alia???


my appearance in the dream is only short term. the main character is this little boy-a Castellar ranked knight. and you'll be surprise when you found out about his prey. it's my brother,Amin.hahahahahahhaha.

that little boy is really powerful,and Amin will shiver when the little boy is around.and when he shiver, it means, "be careful.he's here" it's like a signal.

that little boy may look innocent from the outside, but when he pulled his sword (yes,a SWORD!) he'll change his cute appearance like power ranger,but not in ranger suits, but in this hot sexy clothes like the Matrix.

and there was this 1 time, i appeared in that dream, and i was with my brother, played with a dog(yes,A DOG!apparently, when you dream about sci-fi dream, religious does not exist),and suddenly Amin shivered and said "alia,he's here" and that dog suddenly became a monster, and the little boy appeared.

apparently, that boy dunno that i'm the queen and his superior. and even my brother dunno that i'm a Castellar. but i just shut up about it.

and then Amin told me to run,and so i run,but that little boy chased me instead of my brother, and we were face to face, and that boy wants to kill me so that Amin surrender, and then i went to that boy,got close to him,and whisper,"sorry dear. you just can't beat me,i'm ur queen" and i smiled to him,and that boy looked at me with fright,and my brother appeared and i suddenly shouted "AMIN,HELP ME!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com" and that boy ran away.

and yada yada something happen but not important. and that boy told the Higher People(the big boss,i should say) and the Higher People said that i should kill my brother cos i'm a Castellar and he's a Special Human. but i said No. and they want to punish me,but they can't,cos the King is my best friend(and a GUY!who is he???) and he told the Higher People that they won't let anybody touch my brother.

and then i woke up.

i wasn't feeling wow tho. i just felt that the dream should be more.haha.

whatever. i should have another cute dream later.hahaha.


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