19 December, 2009

BBQ with tg malim and disappointed.

A'kum n ello..

last night,went to Tg Malim. had BBQ.


unlike the past BBQs,this time,had many prawns.big prawns,small prawns,tempura-wannabe prawns.

oh.whenever i'm around the Tg Malim peeps, the kiddies will come to me,and look at my phone,and check what story books i'm reading.

this time, it's the adults. i'm sitting at the dining table,and the adults were there,and i heard them talking about people that i don't even know. i wonder how could this people know that many people. i told them about my Human Mentality lecturer that married with a Tg Malim man. i told them about her mother-in-law was once a caterer. i didn't even remember that mother-in-law name,but my uncles and aunts know her instantly,when i said "the former caterer".

Tg Malim is that small eh?

during my eating, i went to the living room and ate there. saw that they were watching Boys Before Flower at 8tv. my cousin,Airina and her lil bro were watching them,and Airina often shrieked excitedly when she saw Kim Bum.and she asked me "alia ade tak cte Boys Before Flower?? Tolong cakap ade!!"

i replied "takde.ade pun dvd.kawan alia punye.tapi kene tgk kat laptop je"

her response?it's this blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway, while i watched the drama, i instantly told them that i already met Goo Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo sunbae. hahahah! sorry dearies,something like that had to be tell.brag is not something u have to avoid.hahahaha!

then, went to the kitchen. Mak Long and Mak Ngah asked about my family well-being. then my sibling and i complained to them about our lives.i told them that my sis and my bro don't pray;always say the usual "nanti la" or saying other people are bad cos doing the non-Islamic stuff,but they didn't even do the Islamic stuff.and my sis and bro said that i'm selfish.

and i heard that plenty of times,and i don't want to explain further more why i'm being selfish to them.if they have the brain to think,they know why i did those thing.

we went home around 11pm.arrived home around12.20am.

this morning, my maid asked me to smell this one drink. found out,that drink is whiskey. both my maid and i are really disappointed with that certain someone right now.

then i realize,while being disappointed, why did i naively thinking that person is sane enough to think about what's bad and wrong? i really do trust people too much. i only see the nice thing of others instead of the bad side. as much as i think my perspective is good,i know,that one day, i'll regret my way of life.

maybe,just maybe,my judgement is correct.

ta then.

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