12 December, 2009

me is Selfish.

A'kum n ello..

mr H said he wants to lose his weight.

H: alia,give me that remote.
Alia: u said u want to lose weight rite? take it yourself.you'll lose weight.
H: *mad* i injured my leg.
Alia: don't care about that leg. just take that remote.
H: alia,you're selfish.

Alia is trying to make mr H lose his weight,but mr H said Alia is selfish.

oh btw, my sis lose my CIMB card.
and today is Saturday.
and the bank is not open on weekend.
and so i have to wait for a new card this Monday.
and i have to use MY OWN MONEY to replace for a new card.


what kind of people i have around here.

just when i think people are nice, people just trying to make me miserable.


ta then.

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