20 December, 2009

wth, a SEQUEL?

A'kum n ello..


for the past 15hours,i'm not in a brilliant mood.

last night, Liverpool match was bad. it was bad~~!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com we need a PASSER. seriously, someone who REALLY CAN PASS A BALL. lucas totally can't pass a long ball.


after that, i was too lazy to online. i end up reading manga. i read this ecchi manga, Midnight Secretary. lucky that the manga is funny. and really tho, i think i'm not healthy cos i don't even feel anything when i look at the sexual drawing.

man. i feel like a wife that get bored with sex.seriously.

then i read Meg Cabot's Airhead. the book is becoming interesting. i really want that girl with that guy. i really can't wait for it.

but i doze off while reading it.

around 12pm this day, i woke up and saw the book beside my head, then i continue read it.

i realize that i'm really a bookworm.

now, i already finish the book.

and IT'S NOT EVEN THE ENDING!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

seriously tho, that book is a SERIES!!!! how could i not know??? why the hell there's no notice or any statement in that book that this is a series?!?!?!

the ending of the book is like a movie.

it's like when you watch Golden Compass(you know,the one that have Nicole Kidman and David Craig) and the ending just left hanging, and the Golden Compass 2 is not even in production. THEY JUST LEFT IT HANGING. or another example, like that old tv series, What About Brian? the ending of the season 2 is when Brian finally realize that his love life is his best friend, and he wanted to confess to her, and the season 2 just end like that. and season 3 suppose to show what REALLY happen, did he confess or not, but then the tv channel said NO to What About Brian season 3.


and i just checked the sequel of Airhead series, and MPH and Kinokuniya already have it, but the price is RM54.90 or RM68.90.

another DAMN!!!!!!!!!

oh well.

at least Manchester United lose to Fulham last night. 3-0.

ta then!

ps: found out that Cecilia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now will be made a movie, and Hugh Jackman will play as Ivan!


nazneen said...

yeahhhhhhh?? omg...can't wait. kt suke if u cud see me now. And hugh Jackman mcm sesuai gak...can't wait! bile kuar?

Alia Liverpool said...

2011 bru kuar.hoho.

nazneen said...

mak ai...lamenye..

dulu dgr cite, the mediator kate nk wat series...dunno wat happened.haha.