11 December, 2009

Spontaneous BBQ.

A'kum n ello..


i was bored today.

around 4pm, i went to my maid's room.saw that she was lying around doing nothing.haha.

then i asked her lets do something. and she said "what?"

1st choice: waxing. then we dismiss the idea,cos my maid thought i mean "plucking"

alia: kak,jom cabut something.
kak wiji: ok.jom.(amik pencabut bulu hidung)

waxing and plucking = same principle,different method.

2nd choice: baking. another dismissal to the idea cos we don't have any butter for the cakes or cookies.

alia: kak, kek ni sedap.
kak wiji: jom buat.
alia: ah.butter~~~~
kak wiji: butter takde.
alia: cari something yg tak gne butter.(none in the recipe book)

conclusion: all cakes use butter.all cookies use butter. refute this statement if there really exist a cake that use no butter.

3rd choice: cendol. another dismissal cos no cendol,you know,the green stuff.

alia: buat cendol jom.
kak wiji: ade ke cendol tu?
alia: yang mane?
kak wiji: yang hijau tu.
alia: takde eh?

THAT green stuff.

4th choice: satay.

alia: buat satay jom.
kak wiji: nak buat satay?
alia: yeah.
kak wiji: ok.

so we end up BBQ-ing!

we set up the bbq;burned the coals, prepared the satay.

my bro saw me burned the coals,and he said "alia,jangan slalu sgt bbq" i ignored him and continue doing my stuff. i was having a great time with my maid, but then we realize it was kinda lonely-bbq-ing alone.

so,i sms-ed aqilah. she was on the way to sunway.she said "nape tak cakap awal2"
i sms-ed najwa.she was out."nape tak cakap awal2"
i called hani. she said she was visiting her father's grave.


so i sms-ed ah hin. she called me and she said ok. i asked her to invite liyana. ah hin said liyana was reluctant to come cos she has finals in few days.

so i told ahhin,"suro liyana bawak buku dia,blaja kat umah aku time arang tgh bakar"
ah hin said ok.


around 30minutes later, ah hin and liyana arrived.liyana didn't bring any books cos she knows she won't study during the evening"

while we were burning the satay, i got an idea.maybe bcos i watched 1N2D too much,cos i told them "let's pay a game".ah hin and liyana were surprised. i said again "jom main promote satay"

and that's when THESE EXIST!

Ah Hin promotes satay!

Alia promotes satay!

oh seriously.
it was fun.

MY special satays are really special. they have bones in it and also veins.haha.

how cool,right?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and the satays are total yeay! the bones suddenly disappear after the burn,and the veins dead already.so,all stuff are brilliant.


k now.

1n2d is on.tata!

ps: my father is here.and he haven't asked me about my result.he is too happy planning about Bandung.haha.


Anonymous said...

anyway, u can alternate butter with oil.. - corn/soy/canola or vegetable oil..

Alia Liverpool said...

oh.thanks for the info.