14 December, 2009

nikon,cheap books,ice cream,chicken teriyaki

A'kum n ello..

this is the story of a person who wants to forgot the heartbreak of losing her camera of 2 years.

i got the news that my Nikon S200,a cheap camera but with branded name already reach it end. so,i couldn't cope with the heartbreak.

before i got the news, i was in a building called Menara PKNS,at Petaling Jaya. i was with my close friend,Aqilah-the cutie wannabe. we went to the 11th floor of the building, and went inside the Service Center of Nikon.

waited for our turn around 40minutes. during the waiting moment, i saw plenty of people. a skinny guy with a heavy bag,which i found out he is a photographer of the FHM magazine.lucky that aqilah and i didn't read any FHM magazine during that time cos we might criticize the pictures in it without thinking. then a caucasian old man,who showed his cool by wearing shades. i still don't think shades are cool.shades are only for sun-screen,not to show fashion.

my number was 1066, but when it reached 1065,nobody went to the counter. the woman at the counter asked the caucasian guy, "Sir,what's ur number?" and i was like 'what the hell, why did u ask that? he just came in' but lucky the caucasian guy said his number is 1069. so no 1065,and 1066 appeared.

i went to the counter,and showed my camera. told the woman about my camera probs. told her about the lens. and then she said the words that i knew but don't want to hear "you better buy a new camera" i was devastated. THE CAMERA IS ONLY 2 YEARS OLD! then she said the yada-yada. other people had their discussion about the camera probs for 30minutes, i had it for 2minutes. shite really.the lady asked me "anything you wanna ask?" i was thinking to make my life there a lil bit longer. i was thinking of a new camera. the lady answered my thought and told me to look at the brochure near the desk and look what camera do i want and check the internet and buy a new one after that.

easy said than done,rite??

so we said bye2 and thanks.

i called my dad and told him about it. i don't think he really care about my sadness. i think he wanted to hang up the phone immediately. he might buy a new camera for me. he shouldn't tho. he still haven't bought that microwave for the house yet.

and then,aqilah asked me where i want to go. i was too sad that i end up karaoke in the car. lucky aqilah already used to my frustrated behaviour. got a message that nazneen wanna eat subway,but she said she wanna eat it after Maghrib. and it was 5pm at that time,so i told aqilah "let's go to Amcorp Mall"

so we went.

and my first thought was like "this place is for old woman"

then we reached the 3rd floor.


there's a place,that i forgot what it's name,but it sells really cheap books. and it's not those cheap old books that you often saw at garage sale. it's more like MPH,but cheaper.

because the price is really low, i bought Cecilia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now and Meg Cabot's Airhead for ONLY RM32.80!


if you bought that at MPH or other expensive bookstores, 1 book of Cecilia Ahern's already cost more than RM32.80.

wow, i really love cheap,thick,quality books!

and then, i went to this warehouse sale. and it sells many stuff. no clothes tho,but still brilliant. you can buy Jenga for rm17. you can buy UNO for RM4.50. and Scrabbles for RM23.


but i only bought SNAP and HAPPY FAMILY.both are RM1.hahahah!

you know, i was very2 happy at that time. so i smiled at people all the time,regardless of their age,ugly,handsome,fat and thin.

after that, we went to the Famous Amos stall. saw ice-cream at that place. never know that Famous Amos sells ice-cream. then found out it was Lecka-Lecka ice cream,not Famous Amos. i bought the cookies, aqilah bought the ice-cream. the girl that handles the ice-cream booth was very generous. she let me and aqilah tasted all the ice-cream flavours. i think she thinks i'm childish cos i became excited when she let me tasted all of the ice-cream.haha.

when you taste the Baby Blue, you feel like you're a childish person.i mean it!

took the 2 scoops ice creams,but more like 'fill it till it full cup' scoop.

then,after Asar and Maghrib prayer, we went to nazneen's home to pick her up for the Subway dinner.

not much happen in our dinner, it just that i made a mistake for asking for a toast,instead of soft bread.so i had a hard time eating my Chicken Teriyaki sandwich.

and so.

now i'm in a good mood.

Amin is in a happy mood cos i-dunno-what reason,but he showed me plenty of his stuff and tell me what happen in his daily lives. he seems happy.so i'm happy too.

you're happy when people around you is happy,rite?

so,i'm happy.

ta then!

ps: i need to buy a TABUNG!
another ps: i lost my iPod after 2 years. i once lost my phone after 2 years. now i lost my camera after 2 years. how nice!

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