14 December, 2009

no camera anymore

A'kum n ello..

a very nice day today.

but i'll tell you about that tomorrow cos my brother wanna use the computer after this.

so now.

say bye2 to my cheap Nikon S200.

took it for repair, but the Nikon person said that i should buy a new one cos it's not economical for me to repair it unless i have a warranty.

but nope,the warranty was only for 1 year and i already use it more than 2 years. as much as i think i'm a good person cos didn't break that camera in the period of 1 year, but i still feel like i'm a bad person now.

no camera anymore. and i doubt my father will buy a new one for me.it's not even my birthday anyway. why should he buy something expensive for me after this?

yeah,maybe i'll buy that cute Canon. i'll buy a pink one. pink is happy.happy is long. long is forever. the camera will live forever.

childish,i know.but i need pictures! i need camera! i'm lacking of one thing now!!

life is complete when you have:

mobile phone.

my life is INCOMPLETE!!!!!!


bye then.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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