11 December, 2009

case of the Christian couple and the Muslim woman.

A'kum n ello..

there was this case about Christians attacked a Muslim woman at a hotel.

and the verdict is out about guilty or not,either the Christians couple or the Muslim woman.

the Christian couple insulted the Muslim woman,cos she wore a hijab.and the Christian lady said something like murderer and terrorist to her. and the Muslim responded back to her by leaving them alone and also with a "Would you have preferred it if I had had my t**s out and you could see my backside and I was out getting rat a****?" .but the Christian couple continue their stuff.

and so,it got to the court.

result: the judge dismissed the case,bcos the Muslim did not fit with the image of a devout Muslim.

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and the judge is a CHRISTIAN!(maybe not but obviously not a Muslim).

what IS THE IMAGE OF MUSLIM apart of being a terrorist in this world?

this is the modern life, it's not only the Christians or other religions that become modern. Muslims are human too. they become modern to level up with the time.

Muslims also make mistakes.

Muslims also can defend themselves by saying "Would you have preferred it if I had had my t**s out and you could see my backside and I was out getting rat a****?". if somebody insult me like that,i'll also said the same thing,bcos i'm just saying,not doing it!

but that also doesn't mean we're not being un-religious to Islam.

don't say you know what is Islam if you're not even a Muslim.it's like a Shaolin monk lead the Friday's prayer.it's wrong,and it's not suppose to be.

and so a Christian to judge a Muslim for being devoted or not,is plain wrong.

so very,very wrong.

seriously tho.

i'm just giving my opinion cos it's too ridiculous.

tata then.

ps: show that what Westerners think of Islam. for them,"Muslim is a very traditional human being that know nothing but pray and pray,with no knowledge about the world." and they seriously forgot about Al-Battani.

credits: Liverpool Daily Post

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