07 August, 2007

history club final meeting

a'kum n ello..

today was tiring..but it was fun..huhu...the history club had their last meeting today...it will be a memorable moment to me cos this is my final year and all..so,thank God for it!

the history club continue finishing the banner;the banner for the merdeka day...many people helped us finished it...and hani met this form4 girl who,just like her,addict to Korean dramas...she talked to her like the world won't meet it end and the girl just follow her rhythm...huhu...it was a nice view to see hani talked about Korean dramas like that...cos i haven't seen her that happy for a long time..huhu...

anyway...i met that boy who tried to 'sell' the football tickets to me...i went to him and stood beside him and subtlety asking him"ah,berapa harga tiket bola tu eh?"....i could see him trying to hide his smile...and so..he honestly said"free je"...emi was there too...and we were like,smirking to him cos we nearly got tricked by him...haha..and then i told him,"i even got the RM5 ready for you"....that boy just smile sheepishly cos he was too embarrassed (that,i can tell by just looking at his face)....

anyway..the banner was finished at the end of the day...in my opinion,it was good~~!...i was so happy to see it...huhu...

now,I'm being a goody two shoes...

today,i was planning to fast...but in the end..just cos my maid was too sleepy to wake me up by knocking on my door instead of made a missed call to me at 5am...so,i miss my sahur and so,i didn't fast....i was too hungry at that time and i know that today will be a tiring day for me ..so,no way I'm fasting with my stomach empty and my mind thinking about food and thinking about the day that will have too many activities...

so...i still have another 5 days to complete my fasting...
  • currently listening to DBSK's tonight..
  • watched the new NEWS' abake..
  • too cute!!!!!
i think it's nice...
it's not the whole banner,though..
but the logo is the important thing..

k..this is micky yoochun's lil bro..
the one that is gothic and insane..
name:park yoo hwan
age:i dunno but i think 16..

now,compare that lil bro of his with the man himself..
park yoo hwan is like,a devil!
and park yoo chun is like an angel~~!!
lucky my sis still sane..

credits to buzzbee

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