12 August, 2007

aston villa 1-2 LIVERPOOL

a'kum n ello..

huhu...I'M SOOOO HAPPY..!!.Liverpool won their match last night..huhu..i am so happy right now..!...especially when i visualise gerrard's goal in my mind..the man scored that goal brilliantly...!...one of the best free kick i ever seen..huhu..

Torres started in front with kuyt...he was awesome with kuyt...and damn that kuyt..he played very well and didn't even think about being tired and all..huhu...when the first goal came,i was like,"URGH!how come he can't score!?!"..cos at that time,torres nearly score but the keeper stopped his shot by just pushing away the ball..but when the ball nearly got outside..kuyt went to the ball before it was over the line and he kicked it and voila!the aston villa's defender scored an own goal after he made a touch on it...haha...

1-0 to liverpool!

and then...in the 2nd half..liverpool didn't play really well like in the 1st half...but later after that..carragher made a handball inside the penalty area and so..a penalty for aston villa...

1-1 to liverpool...~~

but just more than 60++ seconds after that..aston villa's petrov made a foul on gerrard and the ref gave liverpool a free kick...and gerrard took the free kick and it was damn beautiful!!!!!...if gerrard is my son,i will definitely shout "THAT'S MY SON!!"...oh well~~..he's not...~~...

2-1 to liverpool!!!!!

and torres was hot and xabi looked kinda nerdy...he must change the haircut..

anyway...chat with hazim just now..he asked if i got chosen for the PLKN....the PLKN already update their database...and students can check out if they get it or not right now....just to confirm if the PLKN really update their data...i asked hazim if there is someone that he knows chosen for the PLKN..he said there are 3 guys from his class got it..so...i can confirm that the PLKN already do their work..so...i sent a sms to the PLKN to find it(can't enter the PLKN website right now)...and YAHOO!!!...i didn't get it!!..ALHAMDULILLAH!!...huhu...i can watch liverpool's match!!...

changMin:the reason you don't want PLKN is.....
alia:cos i don't want to miss any Liverpool match.yup.
xabi:you're being a true scouser!
KimDongWan:a nice thing to forget the army...

anyway..if you want to check if you get chosen or not...go to http://www.khidmatnegara.gov.my/

or send a sms

NS [I.C no.]
send to 33995

my plan to go to Tg Malim today maybe won't happen...
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's song for you
  • i can't find Turbo's black cat..
  • trying to resist from watching the latest hana kimi...
  • amalina's bro's wedding is today..
  • at the bride's house though..

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