24 August, 2007

phone call

a'kum n ello..

last night..i was very bored...
i called hani and halimah...
but both of them were not home..

i dunno why..
i called ....
mrs. park herself!

it was a long talk...
mainly funny talks cos we talked about xman,loveletter and my 1st time watching ghost story at the cinema...
and also the OTHER THING..
about her being park myung soo's love-mate..

alia:she was surprise to know her husband is a Chicken CEO
changmin:bad wife!


anyway..she really wants me to delete the pic..
but like heck i want to....
i'm lazy to delete it..
and i asked her what was her reaction when she 1st knew it..

she told me that hani called her to look at my blog..
cos there was something about her...
and so..
she surf at my blog..
and surprise,surprise..
she WAS SO SHOCKED she even made a surprise shout..
she said her sister asked what had happen(cos of her shouting suddenly)...
and she told her sister it was nothing..

but she told me she was laughing too hard..
she nearly had stomachache...

very2 funny..

and i told emi about it..
she said i'm cruel..
she didn't say it in a bad way..
but she said i bullied najwa too much..
and i replied haha to her...
and emi also haha..
hehe,i know she'll support me in doing this kind of thing..

and now...
i have a brilliant idea..
i wamt to make another PICTURE!!!
aqilah and shin jung hwan...
damn it will good..
cos i dunno why..
both of them are kinda similar..
especially the smile..
a big smile with a big D!

hee! ;D

  • finished watching himitsu no hanazono..
  • ah~~~~~~so cute!!!..
  • k,alia..
  • back to study!!!
  • baby,don't cry!!

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