09 August, 2007

nothing really

a'kum n ello..

let me just say something just to make myself feel better...in my 17 years of life..i know i don't have any big experience like the other older peeps..but let me just say...

i understand things cos of my thinking that always too mature than other peeps of my age...i'm not proud but i feel a lil bored cos sometimes,when that thing is too childish..i can predict it without even realizing that i am predicting it..it's not like life is boring..but it's all bcos i think i want things to be different eventhough i..

  • always want to eat the same snacks..
  • always want to wear the same shoes..
  • always want to wear the same clothes..
  • always want to choose the original coke,unlike other peeps who love to mix coke with other drink..
  • always choose to be alone when i'm being moody..
conclusion,i want something different..but never really want it to happen..

sucks aite?..

yeah,just like when you think parents will be a lil bit different when we want them to be...but naturally,they will do what we expect it to be...

i don't want to give example..cos i'm too lazy to think about it...after all,i'm a forgetful person nowadays..

i think i'm talking crap..

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