21 August, 2007

cuti 1

a'kum n ello..

this holiday,i had waste my time...~~~..

I've been thinking about my add maths project..
but i don't have any idea how to do it..
especially now that we have to do it in English rather than Malay...

3 years of making folios in Jr. high school in Malay language..
and now i have to change my fingers to English...

a lil bit awkward and uneasiness...~~~

anyway,najwa finally got the disease...
the disease of DBSK..!!
she even put a picture of dbsk at her myspace profile and for the caption,

who was the first in telling me that changmin's nose is big?????
and all of them(dbsk members) look ugly and all...??

the person who said all of the above is currently a person who love *PROUD and *ONE..

NAJWA ABD GHAFAR(don't correct me if i'm wrong),i want to kick you!

however,welcome to the DBSK fanatics of 5SC1 and nice meeting you from me,ALIA LIVERPOOL aka ALIA BAIK aka 'RIZAL' aka 1ofTheAuthors of _____(hrm?)??

ney EMI,why the hell our story book don't have any title..???

erm....another thing,i finally downloaded turbo's black cat!!!!...hoho...kim jong gook's voice kinda weird in that song....but maybe,it's always like that....and i also downloaded park myung soo's prince of the sea.............................................

i wonder how could that guy made 4 albums?????

  • currently listening to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' The Acoustic Song..
  • torres HOT HOT!
  • i still love you, xabi!!
  • just found out that Tohoshinki will have another single that will come out this september26..(credits: official Tohoshinki Japanese website)
  • Tohoshinki's 13th Single “SHINE/Ride on”
  • man,they really buzy.......
  • they already went to Korea for their 2st Asia tour..
  • and now they have to go back to japan to promote the new single...
*DBSK's songs

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