30 August, 2007


a'kum n ello..

skip school..
cos,i thought my father will be back TODAY,so..
i skip school cos i want to join my bro picking him up at klia..
but the plan change....
my father's flight at Jeddah is tonight;
and the plane will arrive tomorrow...


lucky the internet is becoming boring right now..
i can study..

tonight,the whole bunch of tg malim's peeps will stay at acu's house...
just to get ready for melaka..
the whole lot of them want to go to some vacation there...
to tell you the truth...
i don't really like melaka..
cos my mother passed away when i went to a school-trip to melaka..
that's why i hate melaka..

but when i think about it,
why did i choose melaka as my 2nd choice in my matrik's option?
better i don't think too much about it...

k..that's all...
dunno what to say..

eat and study NEXT!

best quote i read in some mag.
if chelsea are naive and pure,i'm little Red Riding Hood
-Rafa Benitez

  • currently listening to Sum 41's we're all to blame..
  • Tohoshinki's summer dream single is 3rd in the oricon monthly chart...
  • YEAY!!!!
  • LIVERPOOL won over toulouse 4-0!
  • i used rm4 of my saving for DBSK's concert to buy HOT mag.
  • DAMN~~~

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