09 August, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i want to talk more...erm..

i've just remember something...i want to list things about my 'bengang' that i can't forget for my friends who did it to me..
  1. i can't forget this,i just can't do it..there was this one time,liyana told me to wait at a junction near my house to give her santan..cos at that time,my class had to do some cooking..so,yeah,i waited for her..i was like an idiot..standing like a stupid woman with 5 box of santan on my hand and waited for her to appear..and she was late...so..i called her..and she was laughing very hard like it was the most funny thing happen in the world and she didn't even feel like she make me mad..i was soo pissed just like when i was mad when man utd defeat liverpool...and so..i hung up the phone without even waiting for her laugh to stop and just blah..damn..(laugh if you want,but imagine if you are me(at that time) i know you'll be piss)
  2. there was a plan to celebrate a birthday party for my friend...and 'someone' said she'll go..we even made plans for it..but at the end..without even telling me...she didn't go to the party but instead went somewhere with her family...i know family is first..but why the hell she didn't tell me..?
  3. i don't want to explain more about this..but when i'm moody..just ask"you're alright?"...and i'll definitely say"i'm alright"..and after you heard that,it will be a full stop..no further question you should ask...cos i'll be more piss...and never ever try to be concern or anything..cos i just feel annoyed with it..just one person understand this situation of mine and never ask futher question about it..and i'm very grateful about it..
  4. lie to me,i'll never forgive you...lie to me but immediately apologize it afterwards,that's forgivable....lie to me as a joke,but didn't tell me afterwards,i'll look into it..
  5. when my friends tried to take the person that i like just after when she knew i really like that person..damn,i still mad about it..but lucky it's the past...
a friend is a person who you look at as a FRIEND...if she is a friend for you,that's a FRIEND..if you hate her afterwards,and you don't want to be near her,you're the one who is not the FRIEND...and as a FRIEND,you should give her some hope eventhough it's hopeless cos something that is hopeless won't be that hopeless if you do it together..

yeah,that's my way of life..

i'm mad with certain people,but when i realize how good she is as my FRIEND..i just have to be grateful that she is my friend instead of not a friend...

damn,i'm dizzy.....

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