29 June, 2010

BEAST in MY:the show

A'kum n ello..

i better start typing now even though my head really not in the mood to blog. I'M TRYING HERE!


so i was inside the KL Live. as i was one of the earliest people that entered, i saw the non-Tshirt people that were allowed to enter the gate. however, they had to wait outside the door of the KL Live instead of enter directly. the non-Tshirt had to wait for the Tshirt fans to enter first.....

but i heard they end up letting the non-Tshirts enter before all the Tshirt fans enter. so i don't know about that.

again, i already inside the hall.

and many fans already there. the VIPs were upstairs. the non-VIP like me have to stand at the middle of the hall, and plenty of the fans have their own placards and they show off their placards and the short people like me couldn't even see the stage. (placards are NO NO! yeah yeah, you want Doojoon to see your placard, but still.....!!)

oh well. we already inside. we better snap some pictures:

wow we look HIGH.

and then, the hall was dark. the screen showed the Cube Entertainment artistes videos which include BEAST and 4minute. fans were screaming and singing along. it'd be nice if the fans stop pushing for once.......

and then, the hall was in a light mode. a chinese(i think) man with a spec appeared. he told us we need to stop pushing cos many people already collapsed. he also stated that there are 35 people in the Emergency room, maybe cos of the pushing and all. and then he said "please don't push so that we can start on time"

oh how nice. ON TIME??? IT'S ALREADY 9PM!!!! (the showcase suppose to start at 7PM and end at 9.30PM)

and so, around 9PM, the place was dark. then pom...pom...pommmm! BEAST APPEARED!!!!! with white clothes!

people were shouting!
people were screaming!!
"KYA~~~~!!! DOO JOON!!!" "KYA~~DOOJOON!!!!" "KYA~~~KIGWANG!!!" 
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKK,YOSEOB!!!!" <---the one who shrieked like this was Aqilah. IT was painful.


seriously people. i can't even enjoy the show. people were pushing me. i couldn't even see the boys clearly cos of the placards and cameras. dear fans, next time, WEAR A TUDUNG TO A FREE-STANDING PERFORMANCE,WILL YOU? YOUR HAIR ARE GREASY AND STICKY, IT FEELS LIKE A DRY PERIOD BLOOD. TIE YOUR HAIR OR JUST WEAR A SCARF, CAN YOU??

mind you, i know many Beast's songs but i don't even know the title of their songs when they sang on that night.

so, i'm sorry.

i have to say, DongWoon has the most fans. whenever he appeared, fans would scream LOUDLY. and wow he really look like Ryo Nishikido. haha. KiGwang also has plenty fans. maybe cos of his abs and muscle.haha.

and cos all the pictures are Emi's, and Emi is a fan of Dongwoon, so...:

not a good picture of him. but who care. THERE'S DOOJOON IN THIS PICTURE!!!

oh. the performance was great. their voices are good. it was live, so it was awesome to listen them singing. i couldn't enjoy their dance tho. people were pushing. my vision was like a fancam; shaky and blurry. damn you pushers!


but still, with those fans pushing me and all, i end up standing at the front row.hahahahaha. ok, more like 2nd row to be exact, but i really was near the stage.haha.i could see Yoseob's short height and Doojoon's sweaty neck and chest. HAR HAR~~!


oh. i don't like the woman in front of me. as i was in the 2nd row, the woman was at the front row. there was a barrier in front of her. she stood on the barrier, so she was taller than anybody else in the hall. and not just that, she had a placard with Kigwang's name on it, and she shove it in front of my face. damn i couldn't even see the view clearly, AND I SUPPOSE TO HAVE ONE OF THE BEST VIEW!da.

anyway, as i was at the front, and also at the middle, BEAST members always appeared in front of me. you know that women that i hate, cos she was TALLER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE, she got to hold Dongwoon's hand. damn you woman!

the story was like this: BEAST were singing, and Dongwoon suddenly came to us and pull out his hand to touch the fans and that stupid woman got to touch his hand. aih.

ok. i'll try not to be mad at that that woman. 


oh. there were this talking moment.

(i'll skip thiss part as i don't really care much about it. a Chinese girl posed together with BEAST, and a Malay girl was the luckiest girl of the night cos BEAST sang a song for her.sweet~~)

during the talk, the host was talking and asking BEAST about Malaysia and so on. random question like "what do you think of Malaysian fans?" Dongwoon said "so..BEAUTIFUL!" which made the fans went "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" and the host started talking again, but Dongwoon suddenly interrupt him (i like the way Dongwoon interrupt him.i hate that host.he didn't know anything about BEAST or even Kpop or even the showcase).

...Dongwoon said "Do you want to take picture with us??" he asked THE FANS. and obviously, the fans went "YES!!!!!!!" and so, this picture exist:

and i was the one in that RED BOX.
look at it clearly.the one beside Dongwoon's head.

and so, BEAST sang again. the fans still pushed me. and there was this woman in front of me. she said something to me "can you put away your hand from me???" she said that. i didn't respond. cos if i show my true colours, maybe Doojoon will see my BAD side, and i don't want that to happen, so i just kept quiet even though i want to say "HOW ABOUT YOU THROW AWAY YOUR CAMERA,YOU MILF!" i really want to say that. her camera really a nuisance.

and oh. i saw KIGWANG's ABS! i saw HIS ABS! i was like WHOA! i saw ABS!!! he pulled his shirt in front of me. i can see his PECS clearly! 

to be honest, i was awed for only a short moment of time. Kigwang really is sexy with all the muscles. but he kinda thin tho. you know what, i have a brother that has a body structure but maybe a lil bit thinner than Kigwang's. my brother got an abs. tho not as fit as Kigwang's,but he got an abs. and Kigwang's abs was like my brother's, so the awesomeness of his abs was a short moment for me. sorry AJ. you really are sexy.

anyway, the showcase near it end......

Doojoon was talking..
and Yoseob really is short....

and damn this guy looks like Ryo!

and i love the encore. they mix up Bad Girl, Mystery, Shock and maybe other songs together. i love it! and then they said bye2 and "SAYA CINTA MALAYSIA!"

Dongwoon the one who said that. a good way for the Malaysians to remember the native language. cos nowadays not many people say "SAYA CINTA MALAYSIA". mostly people say "I LOVE MALAYSIA!"

and then, the autograph session started. cos it was close to 11PM at that time, they had to cut the autograph session short. NOT ALL FANS CAN GET THE AUTOGRAPH on that night. UMM said before the showcase that fans can shake hands with BEAST, but nope, the fans couldn't do that cos it'll slow the fansigning. 

anyway, i got their autograph. to tell you the truth, when i was in front of them, i don't really have the excitement inside me. i wasn't enthusiastic like i should be. i wasn't normal as a fangirl. i was like a girl that meet a stranger and smile awkwardly at them. seriously, i was like that.

when i was on stage, i was dead tired. i really want the night to end. i don't care about BEAST anymore. i was like "ok,get the autograph and go home,now" so when i was on the stage, i tried to be an obedient fan. i gave my gift for Doojoon to the staff there. (i even put my twitter address on my gift.hahahaha) and i gave my album for the members to sign. everybody smiled at me. i smiled back at them. i was like "thank you,thank you" i was like a tourist at foreign tourist shop.seriously. i smiled at them awkwardly. the girl behind me was like "SARANGHAEYO OPPA!!" and dongwoon replied to her "saranghaeyo~~!" and i was like "hehe.thank you~~"

wow. maybe this is why i don't have a boyfriend. oh my.

i was in front of Kigwang...he smiled at me. and i smiled back. and he got this "oh, this fan don't know how to smile.just smile back at her" smile........

when i was in front of Doojoon, Doojoon smiled at me, and again, i was like "*smile awkwardly* thank you~~ hrm" and i know i really was weird. 

and i know i had to change, so when i was in front of Yoseob, i tried to smile as brightly as possible. Yoseob really was cute. he smiled brightly back at me, and i smiled awkwardly back at him.

so yeah.that's the end. i kinda like wasted my chance tho. oh well. i don't really care. i was in pain, sore and sad. my mind was "uruguay vs korea.what happen???" seriously. maybe i should ask Doojoon the score instead of smiling awkwardly at him.

anyway. when the fansigning of the night end, we went home. we went to the parking lot. Ahhin said maybe BEAST's van were parked in the same parking lot as us. at that time, i didn't really care much about Beast. i was worried about Noi at that time. as i was searching for Aqilah's car (which i forgot she drove a Kancil on that night) i saw 3 Alphards behind Aqilah's car. Emi,Aqilah and Ahhin slowly went to the Alphards. the front one was moving. i looked at that moving Alphard. then Emi said "AHHHHHHH!!BEAST INSIDE THAT CAR!!!!!" they wave at that Alphard and Yoseob was waving back at them. mind you, i really was embarrassed cos i was stupidly searching for Aqilah's car and walked funnily just to find that car. and i think maybe the people in the Alphards saw what i did and......

and you know what, the parking lot was empty. seriously.

and i said before, that the parking fee was RM3/hour. so Aqilah paid RM27.

i'll pay you later.

and yes baby.that's all.

i didn't go to the Autograph Session at One Utama cos i was at Putrajaya at that time. 

i didn't entirely enjoy the showcase, but oh well, BEAST are handsome alright. so it's nice to see handsome men.haha.

ta then!

ps: no, Doojoon is not following my twitter.

credit images: Emilia's facebook.


asya yaacob said...

"cos if i show my true colours, maybe Doojoon will see my BAD side"

HAHAHAHAHA lawak gile

bestnye kan dapat duduk depan
ktrg yg blakang ni lenguh jengket sana sini

and rambut! ye rambut
ade sorang perempuan ni rambut die mengerbang ok
depan kte

rasa cam eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pegi ikat betul2

Alia Liverpool said...

ramai kot yg rambut sticky2.melekat2 je rambut tu, igtkan ade mende melekit kat tgn.gle sakit ati.rse cam nk tarik je rambut diorg tu.