16 June, 2010

5th Semester schedule.

A'kum n ello...

i checked Nadia Zailan's blog and saw her next semester's schedule.


i checked mine......

and if Nadia's are packed, mine kinda free.

look at this:

see how free next semester will be? THIS is a good thing. this semester is the lowest credit hour in my whole diploma (not include the Industrial Training) and so of course, things are not that busy.

however, if you look at the courses that i'll take, you'd know that THOSE are not easy subjects. and from the look of things, Medical Microbiology will be the hardest one, cos...it's a medical stuff.

still, nothing is easy.

and that red course in the table, that's Entrepreneurship course. and whoa i never like this business thingy. last semester's economics, i got B-,which is a good thing especially that i suck during the final paper. maybe my carrymark helped me.

oh,they said Mdm Amaliawati will teach Practical Molecular Biology. and when i look at the schedule from other groups, i found out that the Group 2 and Group 3's class for this course overlapped with each other. so maybe Mdm Amaliawati won't teach one of the group.

....and i know some microbes peeps are praying they're not one of them.haha.

(i don't really mind if she's the one who handle us.i don't have any problem with her.)

OH OH! Monday and Friday will be the busiest days of the week. i don't really mind the Monday part cos it starts at 11.30am,eventhough end at 10pm, cos i'm not a morning person.all of the classes on Monday are lab sessions,so i don't care. i'm happier cos lab sessions usually end early, so around the end of March, maybe i have a free Monday.hohohehehihi.

the Friday part is......i-better-ignore-it.

wow i love next semester. no Morning class on Tuesday and Thursday. No evening class on Wednesday. maybe i can watch Harry Potter 7 on the morning of the Thursday, and go to class after that. haha. lucky Bukit Raja is only 10minutes drive.haha.

ok now.


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