04 June, 2010


A'kum n ello...

just a quick note to say Goodbye to the manager-now-EX of Liverpool, RAFA BENITEZ.

so my good bye:

he's gone...................
this spaniard is gone....................

only the crying face is needed.
the 'fucking hate man utd' quote is just a habit.

i want to type "why oh why" but i obviously know the reason.

many people already know that i really admire Benitez. people love to bash him, but i always stick to this man. for me, all his decisions were brilliant, but the fact that not all people are as brilliant as him,makes him look stupid.

i'm depressed after knowing about his departure. i was upset cos i hate seeing the way he was treated before he was sacked. what's more, nobody can argue with the Liverpool owners after this. even the strongest man already defeated. now i'm wondering what the future hold for Liverpool.

still, i have to be positive. i'll be a Rafa fan forever till he die. i'll continue as a Liverpool fan,yes, but Rafa taught me about being a positive person and the never give up attitude. i always think he's the best man for Liverpool, but yeah,people wants change for Liverpool. and i think Rafa can change that after a bad season with injuries and bad luck. but yeah, not all people have the same mind as me.

to Senor Rafael Benitez. You will always be in my mind. if you become an Inter Milan manager, i'll support you. Liverpool won't meet Inter Milan next season, so i can wake up in the morning just to watch your team play.

oh how nice.

some people are maybe thinking i should be ashamed cos saying that as a Liverpool fan. but i really really admire this man. heck,i even admire him more than my father!

""Thank you so much once more and always remember: You'll never walk alone."
-Rafa Benitez.

thanks,Rafa. very very much thank you for all the happiness from the Liverpool team that you gave us. the inspirational nights at Anfield and Istanbul will forever be in my memory. and it's all thanks to you.


[she wants to cry T-T]


wandome said...

kenapa rafa pergi ek?

Alia Liverpool said...

cos Liverpool pecat dia.sian gle,time dia tgh holiday plak tu.n yg lg sian,pihak LiverpoolFC yg pi leak kat media psl rafa kene pecat.even rafa lmbt tau. even ryan babel tekejut ble dpt tau.sian gle.

wandome said...

sedih ja..
dah la dia pndai cari pemain.
napa la byk fan liverpool tak suka dia ek?
padahal byk kejayaan dia buat.
cth cm crouch. dulu bkn main fan marah psl slalu turunkan dia. bila dia dah hebat lupa plak kritikan tu..

Alia Liverpool said...

biasela tu.org cme nmpk keburukan rafa je.mane diorg nk ngk pe mende baik rafa buat.byk player criticize dia.crouch pun crticize dia gak sblm ni walopon rafa pi caye dia ngan sepenuh hati time crouch tgh susah.robbie fowler pun same gak walopon rafa bawak dia dtg blk kat Liverpool.some ppl kate carra n gerrard tak ske rafa.agak geram kat ctu sbb diorg cam tak paham pe rafa buat.

sme cam blame rafa sbb kate rafa silap la tu ini. but diorg yg main tak btul,then pi marah2 rafa. agak bengang la kan.

sndiri salah,tp nk blame org lain.nasibla player cam reina,torres n agger tahu yg rafa ni jenis camne.so xleh nk kate pape la.