14 June, 2010

sorry.another footie post.

A'kum n ello..

ok i know i haven't blog like usual,again.

and i thought nobody really notice but a certain person called Emilia said she checks my blog everyday, and she saw nothing, and maybe that weird her out. haha.

ok whatever. i'm blogging now,so be happy.

oh. it's World Cup rite now. and to tell you the truth, the team that i'll support wholeheartedly will be England, Spain and Argentina. tho i know if England and Spain lose, i'll definitely will feel depress after that. when the 2 teams combined, the product is Liverpool. so that's why.

England + Spain = Liverpool

another cool theory from me.haha.

anyway, it was only the 3rd day of the World Cup and for now, i think German is the worthy champion. but they were like that before in 2002 and 2006.

2002: got into final,lose to Brazil. 
2006: semifinal,lose to Italy. 
and maybe this year they'll lose in the quarter final?

and hopefully, that'll not happen. haha.

and yes, i did support German last night, but Spain vs England for the final,for me, which i somehow hope will happen. England have a tough chance now with Rooney didn't show his true class and their keeper making blunder like that.

anyway, Spain will have more pressure now that they're in the last group. so they have to look at the progress of other teams and they have to better them. and that'll be hard for them and you know, i don't really like the way people talk about Torres to be the main player for Spain. seriously, that guy is like Messi in Argentina. play well but others got the name i.e someone name David Villa.

and yes. this has become a world cup post,again. i'm sorry. i was trying to blog about something else. but it end up blogging about football. i'm very sorry.

anyway, later at night will have a match between Holland and Denmark. which is nice cos both teams have Liverpool players. still, i think i'll support Holland then. eventhough Denmark has this guy.....

sorry Dan. i'm going to support Holland.
i'll try to support you if Holland didn't play Kuyt nor Babel.

ok now.


i'll try to blog something else,IF THERE REALLY SOMETHING THAT I CAN BLOG ABOUT.tata.

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