11 June, 2010


A'kum n ello..

i'm trying to not blog about World Cup even though i know i'll blog about it at the end of this post.

so firstly, my result.

I PASS!!!!! 

ok. i feel like i'm a fool and very narrow-minded person cos i only think about pass-the-exam instead of the Dean's List.

but i don't care what your judgement in me, so judge all you want. i don't really care.

i know from the start that my hard-work is not really enough, so i have to think about the reality and just expect what is more logical i.e PASS THE EXAM. my hard work was there, but my plan of study is not really perfect for me to achieve a higher score.

i think that's the smartest excuse i can give. others are just plain lame and childish, like:

  • i understand the theories a lil bit later than i suppose to.
  • my carrymarks were low.
  • i don't like some lecturers.
  • i hate economics.
the excuse that i WILL NEVER NEVER USE:
  • i went to Super Junior's concert.
THAT i will never use as an excuse. i judge my choice by the fact that i know the consequence after i did it.

and so, i want to say:

ALHAMDULILLAH for letting me pass all the subjects. and i hope next semester will show some BIG IMPROVEMENT.


Jaejoong: congrats Alia!

[the post about World Cup will be in the next post]

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