18 June, 2010

Spain lose,Argentina win.

A'kum n ello...

Spain lose to Swiss.

i was like.......

damn we lose!!


Argentina beat South Korea. 

(Kpop is kpop. Football is football. if South Korea don't have Park Ji Sung,maybe i'd support Korea.haha.)

and with Maxi and Mascherano played impressively in the 4-1 rout over Korea, my life is like....

WEE~~~~~! WE WON!

and to think that Real Madrid maybe want to sell him for a better striker, is really unbelievable.

oh well, i already said the 2 Liverpool players played well....

..and do you know that the Kun from Aguero's name is because Aguero (fullname:Sergio Aguero) loves anime, and so he wants something like Takumi-KUN or Fuji-KUN for his shirt, and so he chose that Kun Aguero name behind his shirt. and also, he dated Maradona's daughter (i'm not sure if they're married tho) and he also is the father of Maradona's grandson. and i doubt that he still together with the same girl. oh well, i'm not into people's marriage.only gossip tho.

by the way, this post doesn't have any Kun Aguero's image.google them on your own. thank you.

and bye2!

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