15 June, 2010

me need TWITTER.

A'kum n ello..

you know, i'm a twitter person, not a facebook. facebook nowadays make me mad.

wanna know why?
my facebook friends don't have any humour in them anymore. football jokes are not consider jokes. like the one when i put the "USA thought a 1-1 was a win" and so i was like "haha,USA is humiliating themselves" and there this person said "for USA,a draw is consider as a win. for England, a draw is consider as a defeat"


what happen to the world??????????????????
just follow the flow will you??? it's not like i don't know that.

let me show you something that is not consider as a joke in the twitter world:

the blue whale.
never make fun of the whale.

twitter is over capacity right now. so i can't tweet. which is a bad thing for me cos i really,really need twitter right now. i can't live without twitter! twitter is my everything! i am more knowledgeable with the twitter existance! i can let all my anger out with the existence of twitter. i can talk bad things about people by using twitter. i can rant about football all i want. people even accept me as who i am.

that is how important twitter is to me. twitter is everything. 

and the fact that few of my friends using twitter is what i like most. most of my microbe friends are facebook-ers,and they always talk bad stuff about other microbe peeps at that facebook, and as i am more of a reader of facebook instead of writer of facebook, i read what they say and i know what they think.

so you hate that friend of mine eh?
hahah. you think i wouldn't know eh?
you hypocrite scumbag.

so now.

i can live with happiness and freedom cos twitter is back,with no big whale appear. bye,blogger! i wanna tweet.

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