09 June, 2010

BEAST!DOOJOON!yeay Malaysia!

A'kum n ello..

by now, everybody know that BEAST is coming to Malaysia.


so yeah yeah i never really talk about them in this blog. reason? i love Beast cos of their songs, not cos of their members or variety shows or so on like that, which is a lil bit different than other Kpop artistes that i like from the start.

like DBSK, i love them cos of Dangerous Love banjun drama.
then Super Junior, which i started to love from Full House.
and then there is f(x),cos of Amber.
(apparently i really have very few favourites.and sigh,big bang is not one of them.if G.Dragon doesn't look that cocky,maybe i love Big Bang more.sorry Nadia and Hani.haha)

anyway, i just pre-ordered the album, which by now you already know how much i had to pay to buy the album+pass+tshirt for the showcase and autograph session.

and i don't really care much about the venue of the showcase even though it's not a good place for me to go, but i know i can handle myself well. it's not like Doojoon will notice me and say "i'll have sex with her tonight". so yeah, it's nice being a not-so-good-looking person. you know something bad won't happen to you.aha.(InsyaAllah).

oh yes. my favourite is Doojoon.


oh i love looking at him!

to tell you the truth, i started to like him cos i saw the picture of Doojoon when he was a young boy. he was really not that good looking, but now, he is sooo...FINE!

and by looking at that picture, the picture reminded me of certain friend of mine when i was in High School(high school~~yeah yeah).

dear 5SC1,do you think I look like someone?

however, that friend of mine doesn't grow like Doojoon. i know he's not hot like Doojoon, now that we both 20.haha.


[Alia's List of favourite men to meet: Shim Changmin(DONE!), Cho Kyuhyun(DONE!), Doojoon(pending)]

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