19 June, 2010

dull match?i sleep.

A'kum n ello...

last night was really a tiring night. i better don't say anything cos it will humiliate some people.

still, as a football fan that has been following the England team, i still stayed up to watch that England vs Algeria match. for your info, the match played at 2.30am. things were quite difficult for me,who had a tiring night, and have to wake up early cos i have to take my maid to the market. but still, Gerrard,Carra and Johnson playing is a must-watch for me.

so i watched that match.......

...Gerrard was shaking hands with the Algeria captains...
...the referee talked something to both captains.....
...match started........

then i slowly fell asleep......

and i woke up.....
"EH. 4.33AM?????"

so i looked at my twitter updates and saw funny tweets about England..

  • Gerrard was gutted for the outcome of the match (i thought England lose)
  • Rooney mad at the fans that boo the team (i really thought England lose)
  • LFCtv tweet about the match "Dreadful. Simply dreadful. If you ever see this match approaching run away! " (i seriously thought England lose by more than 3 goals)
really tho, i really rely on twitter.

then i found out, England drew 0-0 with Algeria

positive: they didn't lose.
negative: the match is VERY VERY BORING! lucky i didn't watch it.

now things will be very difficult for England after this. only 2 points after 2 games.

gerrard: i celebrate my wedding anniversary with a dull draw.

oh well. Argentina is playing well. Spain not so much. hopefully Holland will play well tonight eventhough Japan have one of the neatest pass in the tournament, Liverpool is Liverpool then. hoho.

oh. Tomorrow is Father's Day. Alas, i have a day that i can talk about after the whole Mother's Day sadness.

ta then!

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