11 June, 2010

a World Cup post.

A'kum n ello...

ok now.

The WORLD CUP post.


the team that i will support ARE:

Argentina, Spain, England, Denmark, Brazil, Greece, Slovakia.

Plenty eh?

one similarity that THESE COUNTRIES have is: LIVERPOOL players in it.


i want Argentina to win, cos Mascherano and Maxi is in it. but with their coach,the legendary Maradona said that he will run naked if his team won the World Cup, i hope Argentina won't win. i don't want to corrupt my eyes with a fat man running amok naked at the field.

Spain is definitely in the list to win. i don't really want to care much about Xabi Alonso, but Fernando Torres in it, and to tell you the truth, i don't really want Torres to play. that guy always get injured in the national team. and if that guy play, he can't give his 100% for Liverpool after World Cup end. and YES YES, I care much about Liverpool than Spain. 

Maxi and Xabi.
Xabi is hideous after he got out from Liverpool.

England. Gerrard is the captain. and England has the greatest chance to win it this year cos Capello is a good manager and he already chose the best players for this World Cup. so i know this year will be better than the previous ones. but still, England always have this certain bad luck i.e with PENALTIES. and oh! Wayne Rooney's temper.

Denmark cos of Agger.
Greece cos Kyrgiakos.
Slovakia cos of Skrtel.
Brazil cos of Lucas. yeah Lucas. not Kaka. and i'm not even sure if Lucas play in this world cup.haha.

hopefully, all these players will be alright after World Cup ended.

oh oh. i hope small team will win the World Cup. haha. that'll be very very cool!

ta then!

[Lucas won't play in this World Cup]
[Beckham will not play in this World Cup]
[Ronaldo is a Portuguese, not a Spaniard or English]
[Rooney is not a handsome man]
[Messi is an Argentinian]
[No Zidane]
[Fernado Torres is not a blondie anymore]
[the only Korean player i know is Park Ji Sung]
[North Korea will play in this World Cup]
[The group of death is the one with Portugal in it,i'm not that sure.correct me if i'm wrong]
i hope those facts are enough to satisfy you.

ta then!

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