18 June, 2009

sad sad day.AL-FATIHAH

A'kum n ello..

sad day today.

so i SLEPT around 5am this morning cos i read 5 volumes of manga,and i was very,very sleepy..and in my mind,i was thinking "kene bangun awal plak~~~" cos i had to go out with aqilah and nazneen after lunch(18th June)...

but then,maybe i was too sleepy,so i don't really care about anything around me (tho i sent my sis to school)...and around 10.05am,i got a message from Adam and it was something like this

Bapak gjan meninggal.

and so i went to sleep.

then i IMMEDIATELY woke up,and look back at the phone,and i was like "HOH?"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and i felt sad cos another friend of mine lost his father,and all i did was praying that he'll be in a fine state.

and so i continue my sleep.

and sure enough,becos i was too tired,i did fall asleep.but it's not a good nice sleep.

bad things occur in my head.and i seriously don't like it.and all of it involve the people that you care and love.

at that time,i was thinking about my father,i hope he'll be healthy and no bad thing will happen to him,and with the length of time that he throws himself to make my siblings and i in a healthy state,i also want to do the same thing to my father..at that time,all i think was something like "moga ayah sihat"

seriously,it was emotional.and i nearly cry.

and so,my plan to go out with aqilah and nazneen still happen eventhough it wasn't a nice time to go out...i was planning to buy a father's day gift for my father...and i just pray that hopefully shazizan will be in great form to continue his life without his father now.

anyway,my father informed me about this too and he visited shazizan's dad at the mosque in Singapore (i think his father was in Singapore for 3months or so cos of his heart problem.correct me if i'm wrong). my father worked with Shapadu long time ago,the company that shazizan's dad owned..and so he knew him cos that was his boss..and after all,Datuk Shahrani(shazizan's dad) kinda famous cos of his work and as the chairman of Shapadu.

but still..

i kinda felt guilty cos i went to One Utama and even watched Dance Subaru (yeah,that movie that has DBSK in it.quite a good movie.not as good as Step Up,but still ok) and hani informed me that she went to the funeral with najwa and aina and i became more guilty after that..

and instead of going home at 9pm,we went home after we had our Asar prayer..cos you know,just to pay respect to the sad day, and i didn't even buy the father's day gift.

maybe i'll buy it tomorrow with my siblings.

and you know,from this sad moment only,you'll find that many people care about shazizan.he's a nice guy after all.people who know him feel his sad moment too. even HANI,who never really care about the bunch of people in the class,came to the funeral..even shazizan was shocked to see her...

it's a nice thing when the truth is really true.


i made that up.but it's true anyway.

so,be kind,k people?

and yes,i admit.i don't like to visit sick people and funeral.why? i have my own reason.it's not a cruel reason,but it's more like a sad reason.

ta then.


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