20 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i didn't go to school today..cos...

no reason..

*alia:ah~~so cute!
*ki bum:...*
*alia:(cough)erm..i didn't go cos i don't want and i don't think there are any learning*
*kim dong wan:you're so honest~~*
*alia:(i feel like i'm being teased)*

anyway...what i did at home,i cleaned my room..huhu..the room was too messy...and when i cleaned it..too many dust!...huhu...but i was glad i cleaned it today...lucky there's only 1 plastic bag i used....so..my room was not that dirty then..huhu...

*teppei:my room is messy*
*changMin,ki bum,alia:.......*
*kim dong wan:same with me!*
*teppei&kim dong wan:(high five)*

ah hin gave me another sms like before..i mean,the one that she sent the "alia,aku mintak maaf.aku takkan kacau ko lagi" something like that..she sent another one again..liyana said she got the same too...it was a lil bit scary...but like usual..i replied a funny sms to her...hrm...

*alia:sorry,ah hin!*
*kim dong wan:scary woman~~*
*alia:(glare)you annoyed me too much*
*changMin:(hit him with that red plastic hammer)*

i read ainun's blog..she said they got bm's paper today...and pn noraini was mad that just few people got A..i don't think i'm one of them...i have to pray then....

kkk..tata then!
  • currently listening to Shinhwa's once in a lifetime
  • kim dong wan,i lap you!
  • xabi alonso,you hot!
  • ainun,why that george change class?
  • lady luck is running away from me..!
  • ahaha..
  • yahoo,tomorrow HARRY POTTER 7th book will be out!

kim dong wan,my darling..
what the hell are you doing??

chang min-ah..
why with that dress?

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