28 July, 2007


a'kum n ello..

dear citizens of this blog...I'm here to say............



the carrier peeps called me 6 times today when i was at school..luckily i brought my phone at school today..or else they'll send the book late again..hoho...they called me to confirm my address...all this while,the address that they got to send my book was incorrect...instead of 9/6A,the address they got was P/6A,that's why they couldn't send the book to me...kkk...sorry for cursing before....

and thanks to my father for buying the book for me..!

neway..i already back from times square..i went there with emi,aqilah and marjani...aqilah's parents sent us there...we went there just to buy some dbsk's merchandise..haha...damn,the dbsk's thingy was too much!!...and the shop also have the dbsk's shirt that was designed by the dbsk's members themselves and FYI,the shirts are limited edition shirts...i was very surprised when i see those shirts cos the shirts already sold out at the internet...i asked the tauke of the shop,how much is that shirt?...she said 'RM100'...i was like,da...where can i get that money???..

and another thing..she also said that maybe DBSK's concert will be in December or january..cool!...i'll try to ask adlil to find me a part-time work...huhu....
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's hello again..
  • a dbsk's card,shinhwa's card,dbsk's poster,changMin's card..
  • still sick..
  • and thanks for those Get Well wishes!
  • and i slapped ainun today!!
  • i'm GOOD!!

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