09 July, 2007

stupid night with my big 'boss'

a'kum n ello..

so...the secret that i've kept for months was revealed yesterday...the secret is about my father and his friend..at 1st..he asked me what the hell happened to me...he asked about my unusual study habit i.e not study...he asked why i become like this and what made me become like this and so on...and i was lazy to think all the things he said cos why must i listen to the person who was the reason behind all of the probs in my life..?...maybe he said he understand...but he definitely not...hani said this prob thing is so damn hard..she said i'm very strong to handle it even until now..haha..i have to say,i never expect something like that to be said to me...and i don't think i'm strong..i already spilled the beans to him...but what disappoint me,he didn't say a direct 'NO' for the prob that was in my mind for a long time i.e the secret...

so..i'm not bother to hear a 'YES' or 'NO' from him cos he already lied to me once,and i don't want to hear another lie twice...cos my life will be sucker that ever...

and anyway,he tried to compare my 'tension' with his life and also my cousin's life...i found it a lil bit funny(Eventhough a lil bit rude) cos my 'tension' can only compare with a person who already has a dad who married another woman and also lied to you and give you false hope...cos that's what i feel right now..

anyway..in school...something funny happen..emi and i write this fan-fic about DBSK...and at that time,it was my turn to write it...and so..at that time,it was something like this

JaeJong :*eyeing Alia*
Alia :*eyeing JaeJoong*

1st time you read it,i think you definitely think something like "Kya~~~~~~!"..Alia with JaeJoong!!!...but nope..it's not like that...but i know hamzah will think something like this cos he saw what i wrote..and the thing he saw was that..and i was blushing all over my face..even emi said my face was very red...i don't mind if other people see it..but Hamzah to see something like that?...my life is DOOM!!

not really,but he called me JoongJoong after that...haha...
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  • yeay,tomorrow is Weird Day!!
  • i'm looking forward to see my friends' face tomorrow..
  • especially when they saw my 'present'!
  • have to study Physics..!

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