05 July, 2007

fernando torres again

a'kum n ello..

something about torres that made me WOW at him..

reporter in this colour
Fernado torres in this colour

Tell me about the captain's armband you displayed during a game against Real Sociedad last season, with You'll Never Walk Alone written on the inside?

There is a group of my mates, about five or six of us, and we've all grown up supporting Liverpool. Because they are all so committed to Liverpool, they've had We'll Never Walk Alone tattooed on their arms. It's changed slightly because it's a symbol of our friendship as well as our support for the club. Obviously I couldn't have that tattooed on my arm playing for Atletico, but they gave me this armband as a present for my last birthday.

a group of friends make a pledge of their friendship with YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE support..wow~~...i always said something like this to liyana and also as a support to hani..huhu...

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