14 July, 2007

japanese festival

a'kum n ello..

huhu..just got back from the Japanese festival that emi invited me...it was at stadium matsushita..and it was awesome..especially when the time that we did the Japanese culture dance..it was brilliant..!!..huhu..

i dunno most of the dance steps..the Chinese peeps were like,danced like they know it by heart...huhu..i just followed them..there was this dance that we need to hold hands with other people..and at 1st i thought i didn't want to hold this Chinese girl hand..not becos of rude,but becos i'll feel awkward...but she gave her hand to me..so,i think it will be very rude to her if i refuse..so..i just hold her hand and did the japanese dance...haha...

you can increase your relationship with other people by dance...

emi held a boy's hand...lucky he was not a handsome man..

neway...like usual..and like a human nature..especially for girls like me and emi..we both looked around stalked some cute guys...and there was this one guy...very2 cute with a male kimono that he wore...i saw him...and emi also saw him...and bcos i knew emi would stop to see a better view...so..i pulled her away...but she pulled me too cos,like i said,i know she wanted to have a better view of that man's face..haha....

and later after that..on the way to go to akmali's car,i saw a cute guy with a specs...his looks will be totally like yuu shirota if he take off the specs and make his hair longer...however,he still looks good...at that time,emi was pissed about something...so..she missed that...haha..

today,i got fat,fat nags from my parents...both of them talked about study..anyway...what funny about it,was when my father nag me...he said something like"manga etc."...i was like,whoa!he knows about manga..!...ahaha...

ok2..i will study hard!

yosha,July's test will be next week.....
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's step by step..
  • i can't update my iPod..
  • my dad will work at Malaysia starting 1 September..
emi made this especially for me..

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