12 July, 2007

3rd period sleepy

a'kum n ello..

from the title...you can understand that i am a sleepy head...not that u don't know about it..haha...i realize now that i always sleep during the 3rd period at school...can't help it aite?...3rd period is like,the peak of sleepiness...haha...

anyway..i already finish my English homework...haha..it had been a long time that I've done my homework at home...so..it's a relief now that I'm becoming more like myself than that stupid moody girl..


now i know who is that faos...haha..lucky it's someone i know...haha...she nearly got me on that one...i thought it was my myspace's friend...haha..

I'm very sleepy today..emi didn't come to school..and i watched the boys played football..from watching them played,i miss cheering for LIVERPOOL....i nearly forgot the feeling of supporting them...haish2...that's not a good thing ;p...

it was funny watching them played...Atman made an own goal and Hakim made a stupid pass to Atman..haha...


i purposely made it capital ;p

ta ta then..!
  • currently listening to Linkin Park's don't stay
  • abingdon high school's new single is out..

saw this pic
i think the back are nino and aiba..
i dunno the one in front but i know the right at front is moto jun..


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