24 July, 2007

still not

a'kum n ello.

latest news about my future-harry potter book..the book is not here!!!..i still don't get it!!!!....ahhhh!!!!..i'm very mad..!!!!...how could this happen to me!!!!??!?!?!!

fyi,my dad called me last night..he said MPH already post the book..but why i still didn't get it..???...da...snail mail is totally slow!!!!

just pray that i will get it tomorrow..i'm dying of infos!!!!!

changMin:who do you think will be dead?
kim dong wan:dumbledore?
alia:he's already dead~~~
ki bum:sirius black?

i'm very,very happy today..!

nothing really XD

anyway,that Hafiz said something about Torres...like usual..my reply to the people who said about torres will be this words "ko jeles"...ahaha...these people will say that Torres is not good enough and so on,and so on..ahaha..like hell,i care....

xabi alonso:GO LIVERPOOL!

k..i have homeworks...tata!
  • currently listening to Kim Dong Wan's scream
  • emi wants me to inform her whenever Liverpool has a match
  • she wants to see Torres...
  • ahaha..
  • and thanks Aqilah..
  • i'm very happy i got changMin's sticker..
  • and i hope hani bring shinhwa's sticker tomorrow..
  • and hani was touched to see those wishes from the whole class.
  • huhu..

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