10 July, 2007

life as a weirdo

a'kum and elo..

i feel that it is very incomplete for my life not to blog for the day..so,i blog....


anyway...it was so fun today...ainun said i'm a bomoh...ahaha..it was very funny..haha....

i got an umbrella from emi...and also 4 scents candles and a dvd that emi always made for the Weird Day..i got a dvd that has many songs and a video...i already watched the video,DBSK'S king's man parody...lucky emi that the one who got it was me,a DBSK maniac...the dvd has many things about DBSK and also super junior...and i'm so happy when i know the things inside it..huhu..lucky me...

the one who got my present is Nazneen...i bought a pack of disposable underwears...haha...it was funny..!..and nazneen was so sporting,she wore the panties without thinking that she was humiliating herself..but why must mind about it aite?...we all wear panties!..haha..

or for boys,underpants..haha..

tomorrow,my sis,liyana and me and maybe a friend of my sis will go watch harry potter..huhu..this is so cool!!..i waste many hours just to book the movie..but hours after that..my sis finally got the chance to book it...4 tickets were available and i chose the best spot in the cinema to watch the movie..huhu..

now,the problem is,who can send us there..?
don't mind,there's still taxi...

about my previous post,i never hate my father..i never will..i'm just upset...upset that the person i love already made me lose my trust to him..

there are 3 major things i hate in this world and those are:last-minute decision,lie to me,lose my trust..i definitely hate it...

bye then!
  • currently listening to Fergie's big girls don't cry
  • download DBSK's summer dream(pv rip)
  • azri still asking about the Bandung trip thingy..

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