30 December, 2008

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A'kum n ello..

Tagged by Long and Izzah
by Long;

1. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your wallet
is it CX?..i don't really know..i always take things by it use instead of brand..

the carlsberg card is my Liverpool Official Supporter card...tho i have to renew it..ahah~!

2. Introduce your wallet brand, price, and where you bought it.
to tell you the truth,i dunno what is the brand..and i think the wallet cost about RM29...where?at shah alam mall...hoho...liyana bought this for me..she gave it to me as a present when i was form5...and i stop using it for awhile cos i bought coolcat purse after that,and again i bought another coolcat purse,and bcos i love to put my wallet at the back pocket of my jeans,so i change my wallet to this black one..and when i chose this,ah hin was a lil bit against it,cos she thought the green+light brown colour was more attractive...but that colour will be very boring,so i chose the black one instead...cos black is always attractive and never boring...haha..and also,this wallet can be put easily into my back pocket..hoho

3. Take out what ever is inside your wallet ( at least 5 pictures)

cool then.next~

4. Snap a picture of your wallet with yourself
me in the picture with the purse~

5. Tag other 5 persons.
izzah,alisa,noi,nazneen,nazmi,fatin aqilah,fatin hashim,erin
tagged by Izzah;
1. What's Your Most Favourite Colour? =
red.Liverpool red.red give me passion.tho sometimes i love purple cos of purple line.lol

2.Who Is The Most Important To You?
my family.nobody else but them. and also hani n liyana.ahah

3. How Often Do You Think Of Commiting Suicide?
maybe 5 times.i dunno if i had blog about it.i once think about drugs.

4. Do You Think You Have Enough Confidence? =

5. How Many Babies Do You Want?
2. i want 1 boy n 1 girl.already enough.but if i'm too active or something,i just have to accept it then.AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

6. Do You Believe In Seeing A Rainbow After The Rain?
i saw it,so i believe it.is the person who create this live in greenland?

7. What's Your Goal Next Year?
cgpa 3.8

8. Who'll You Miss The Most, If You Don't Talk To Them?
hani n liyana n aiman n halimah

9. Do You Think The Person Who Tag You, Like To Play Kidnapping?
no.she loves to dance to britney's songs on the bed.is that even true? (tho i was once that kind of person)

10. What Do You Want For Christmas?
duit raya RM300++ and a Liverpool banner

11. What Is Your Bad Habit?
clean my dirty hands with my jeans

12. Do You Have A Secret Crush?
yeah.xabi alonso and changmin.

13. Do You Cherish Every Single Friendship Of Yours?

14. What Does Flying Mean To You?

= plane.

15. What Do You Crave For The Most Currently?
takoyaki at sunway pyramid!

16. Are You Single/ Relationship?
single tho currently in love with xabi alonso and changmin's stare

17. What Have You Done To Yourself To Make Yourself Happy?
by thinking positive

18. How's Your Day?
brilliant.i love my loud self.

19. If You Were Asked To Make A Wish, What Would You Ask For?
for Liverpool to be unbeatable and rafa benitez to be sihat~!

20. I Tag =
long,noi,nazneen,fatin aqilah,erin,asya,nazmi,fatin hashim.

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