04 December, 2008


A'kum n ello..

now i know why i become too matured and think too much about the future,eventho my age is just 18...


i read my cousin's blog..she said about why she wanna be near her family...and she gave all the reasons,and all of them are the same reasons why i'm too matured,and think too much about the future...

i lose track of when,but really,too many people passed away when i was young...and it happens too fast,the death,and all you think about after that is only....

"they're gone.already"

yesterday i asked my sis,when was the time she realized our mother already gone,she said it was the time when we finally home after a few days at tg malim cos of the funeral...i dunno if that was also the time for me to realize...

truthfully,i forgot when was the time i realized it...


i realized that i always make a messy post~

ta then~!
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1 comment:

a i n k i n z said...

owh,ko menggelakkan belogku yg bermakna itu.
neway,life isnt always wonderful dear.
but,it might be wonderful one day.
trust me~