11 December, 2008

Liverpool Massive

A'kum n ello..

found this from BPL website after i read theStar..

Barclays Global Fans Report 2008 results

The results of the Barclays Global Fans Report 2008 have been revealed.

Fernando Torres is the world's favourite Barclays Premier League player, with 38 per cent of all votes, while former Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry has emerged as the all-time favourite Barclays Premier League star (with 34 per cent) according to the Barclays 2008 Global Fan Report.

The report also shows that interest in Barclays Premier League football has never been higher - 81 per cent of fans highlighted football as their most regular topic of conversation, ahead of relationships, family and the economy, while 49 per cent said that football was the most important thing in their lives ahead of everything, even family and partners.

Published by Barclays, the official global title sponsor of the Premier League, the report contains the views of over 32,000 fans from 185 countries which offer a unique insight into the lifestyle and opinions of football fans across the globe, revealing that the Barclays Premier League is still regarded as the best on the planet.

fans worldwide

The global results reveal a definitive portrait of the ultimate fantasy football team and how we would all enjoy it:

Liverpool and Spain striker Fernando Torres would be leading the line - 38 per cent of supporters worldwide voted 'El Nino' as their favourite current player in the Barclays Premier League, with Steven Gerrard second and Cristiano Ronaldo third.

Thierry Henry would be his strike partner - the former Arsenal hero was voted the favourite player in Barclays Premier League history (34 per cent), with Gerrard second.

Room would have to be found somewhere for David Beckham - the former Manchester United midfielder's strike from the halfway line against Wimbledon in 1996 was voted by fans worldwide as their favourite moment in Barclays Premier League history.

Barcelona playmaker, Lionel Messi, would be dazzling the crowd with his silky skills - 54 per cent voted the Argentine as the player that they would most like to see in the Barclays Premier League.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Guus Hiddink would be facing each other in the dugout. The United manager topped both the current (26 per cent) and all-time favourite manager lists (32 per cent), while Russian coach, Hiddink, was the manager most fans want to see ply their trade in the Barclays Premier League, with 21 per cent of the vote.

phenomenal response

83 per cent of fans would be watching the match live on TV with 69 per cent putting on their much loved replica shirt.

The internet is making a real difference to how we catch up on the Barclays Premier League with 82 per cent using it to find out about their teams. However, a still huge 70 per cent would read all about it in the newspapers to ensure they got the full analysis.

Kevin Wall from Barclays said: "The 2008 Barclays Global Fans Report has attracted a fantastic response from over 32,000 fans from 185 countries, or over 90 per cent of all countries around the world, making it the biggest survey of its type ever undertaken.

"As a topic of conversation football is twice as popular as all other sports combined, three times more popular than TV and four times more popular than politics. It's a great unifying force and it proves that football really is the world's game, and the Barclays Premier League is its favourite competition."

Liverpool and Spain striker, Fernando Torres said: "To have over 30,000 fans sharing their views in this survey is a phenomenal response. Barclays Premier League fans are some of the most fanatical in the world and to be voted favourite current Barclays Premier League player is a massive honour."

The analysis was carried out as ongoing research by Barclays, official title sponsor of the Barclays Premier League, into the attitudes and lifestyles of football fans around the world.

excerpt from The Star

Liverpool close in on United in battle for global fans

LONDON: It is not just on the pitch that Liverpool are closing the gap on Manchester United: the English Premier League (EPL) leaders are also winning the battle for new fans around the world.

The biggest-ever survey of EPL fans across the globe has revealed that Liverpool are on the verge of toppling United from their perch as the best-supported club in the world’s favourite league.

The survey, organised by the EPL’s principal sponsors, Barclays, polled 32,000 fans in 185 countries and territories.

United remain the most popular club but only by the tiniest of margins with both teams attracting the backing of 26% of the supporters who took part in the voluntary survey.

For Liverpool, that represents a significant advance on the 18% figure they registered in a similar but smaller survey carried out by Barclays three years ago.

The popularity of Liverpool’s biggest stars also suggests that United’s status as the most valuable brand in English football is under siege.

and another thing

Xabi Alonso is English football's pass master.

The midfielder became the first Premier League player to complete 1,000 successful passes during 2008-09 against Blackburn.

Opta stats show Alonso has hit 1,005 accurate passes this term, creating 26 goalscoring chances in the process.

football fans are really easy....when the team are strong,they will support the team...and when their own team lose,they'll go support other team....

i already met an example of this kind of person...

maybe i'm just new in this football thing eventho i have support Liverpool for nearly 8years~..

Liverpool are massive...

like Rafa said,"that's for sure~!"

anyway,Torres is the most popular player..~~~~~

as a Liverpool fan,i'm really happy about this...but when i saw those Scums' fans trying to be Torres by saying "ok now,i'll run like Torres" and not "i'll run like rooney",i was like "oh,go shit urself.u're humiliating torres~"....but i can understand why they don't want to run like rooney,becos nobody want to run like shrek~

but i have to laugh when i look at my brother's fantasy team...he is a scum fan,but he relies on Torres to make his team strong...but now that Torres is injured,his team is in the Bottom 3....

yeah~Torres is popular...ahah~!

Torres oi Torres...

Cepat-cepatle sihat.....~!

and Xabi~...i already know that-la~

ta then~!

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