20 March, 2017

Plz Don't Be Sad.

AsSalam and hello.

i'm blogging again.

why? cos Highlight a.k.a the legendary old BEAST just dropped their mv for their new song, Plz Don't Be Sad.

as usual, i understand none of the korean lyrics, but the song is so good, i have a smile on my face throughout watching the mv. the chorus is quite addictive. yeah i cannot even pronounce the suppose lyrics but the chorus still feel good for the ears. so that's nice.

some said the song is like a chill Block B song. i only know Zico tho so ok then.

Doojoon looking so mighty fine in the mv and the others also just as good but not as good as him ahahah but still with all the stressful stuff that happened to me for the last 12 hours or so, this mv and this song is my current medicine.

feel nice to see Gikwang at the center, enjoying himself better than before. a tiny bit disappointed that Dongwoon's voice not as clear but oh well. Yoseob and that game looking like a childish and adorable 8y.o boy.

overall, i love this song. the song before this song is also nice. i'm happy Highlighter! hee.

update about the problem before: told my dad about it. was hoping for a montly allowance like when i was doing my degree. he told me to check with UITM first and nothing can be solved, i have to accept it and move on to other things. might checkout some translating work too.

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