27 March, 2017

update about UPTA

AsSalam and hello.

update about my UPTA appeal:


bcos of QUOTA.

apparently, the cost for the UPTA scheme were lowered so much, that UITM have to make a quota after years of not having one.

unfortunately, they had to do this deed when i want it so badly, so badly my entire semester actually depend on this.

they only provide it to 500 students. i'm not sure myself, but i think that 500 includes the students from other faculties too.

so... i'm broke for the next few months or maybe until i have a job.

yes, i have my father who have provided for me for years since i was a little child, but i have my pride too. until when will i ask my father to support me? until i'm 30? πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜–

this is the 1st time i ever feel that i should just have a job instead of continuing my study. but i love to learn new things tho. i love doing lab work. i just hate climbing the stairs and the hills and also park the car at UITM. no regret but i have to just swallow my pride and ask my father for help.

i've just send my car's aircond for a repair just now and coincidentally, my father was close by and he had lunch with me and my brother. as the luck shine for me, my father paid for the repair 😊.

as much as i feel happy and grateful and very lucky for that, i still feel a bit sad that i still need to ask for money from him.

my supervisor is a bit guilty about this. i hope she does. i mean, who will take care of her lab this semester? someone who doesn't know anything obviously.

still, i hope she has a good UPTA student that will give her more good than harm. i wish her and the new student well. just don't come to me for free and ask for something. i don't have the money to help you. really.

ps: ooh. there's a meme generator on the internet!

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