22 March, 2017

appeal letter for tutor

AsSalam and hello.

update about that problem i had few days ago.

i asked my supervisor yesterday and she was also surprised that my application was rejected. she said she will check on it and told me not to worry much about it cos i also told her that i became stressed because of this.

she said again"takpe. don't worry"💪

i met her again. i updated her about my labworks and all (got some scolding cos i forgot what happen when glycan associate with proteins. my mind went blank. she told me to give the answer by tonight but i 'accidentally😳' forgot to tell her), and i asked her about the UPTA update.

she said she haven't checked yet but she told me to make an appeal letter first and mention that she will support my appeal.

appeal letter. a formal appeal letter 😖. i got A1 in my Malay subject when i did my SPM and at that time, i could even wrote 4 pieces of essay, front to back in just 2 hours. but this only relevant if i write a non-formal writing.

a formal one? an appeal? that is one of my weakness😓. i couldn't even write the right words when i emailed a bank in Malay language. not saying my English is good, but i've been reading so many journals in English that i am mostly comfortable using English words for something formal.

so i asked for help from the best person who can help me with this: my stepmother. she works for the government. she read and writes formal letters almost everyday. so i asked her for help.

and the result is fantastic. in my opinion anyway. thanks Cik Jie! you save my life here!😆

sorry. i won't upload the official one but this is the gist of it 🙈.

anyway, here's hoping my appeal will be successful or else i really have to ask for my father for pocket money that is in smaller amount.

bye then.

ps: i ate 4 muffins today 👅🎂. yeah, i've just noticed that blogger support emojis. haha. 🐐

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