01 January, 2014

New Mobile Phone


My father gave me his old phone, Samsung Galaxy Note. 1. I.  ONE.

Yeah, the phone is old. The market already have the Note 3. I think. And i have just started using it ancient version.

Cannot really complain. My old phone had a tiny screen. Now, the new one has very big screen and my eyes maybe will end up like Ozil.

Yes, i used that joke again. My sis said that joke is not a joke. Hey, big eyes and Ozil are relatable and funny, ok?

Nway, i like this phone. Major flaw is that the previous owner did not take care of it nicely (yes, father. I am referring to you). He wrecked the charge hole. So i have to charge the phone externally.

Ah well. At least i still can use it.

And i can finally finish up Candy Crush. Yup, still playing. That game is like a challenge. You win it, you are powerful. You lose it, you are a loser. Haha. So i end up continue playing it.

And oh. Finally have the chance to try Camera360.



The eff.
I cannot upload the picture through my phone!!

Anyway, as the date shows: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!! InsyaAllah this year will be better than last year or awesomely good. 2013 was hectic and messy but the end products were brilliant. Have a nice year ahead. :)

[edit] eh, i can upload the picture lah! Me and Alena  ♥

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