30 September, 2013

Sunderland 1 - 3 Liverpool


few hours ago, LFC won 3-1 against Sunderland.


i woke up on Match Day (Sunday) with a really, really good feeling. even though i was a bit sad that i have no more Hanzawa Naoki to watch, i had this very very nice feeling that made me feel so content with everything.

it felt like 'i don't have to worry about anything' kind of feeling.

Sturridge and Suarez made a good partnership between them. both scored the goals. Sturridge provided 2 assists to Suarez who scored two goals. the teamwork is a bit better than last week. Gerrard made a brilliant long-range pass which ultimately lead to the 2nd goal. Mignolet made fine saves even though he did let the opponent's goal in.

but overall, it was a good team performance. we counter-attacked properly. defended well after conceded early in the second half and always looked for the third goal. it was really nerve wrecking before the third goal came. 

still, WE WON!!!

thanks, you two! hopefully, your partnership will bloom like the sakuras on autumn season. 

oh. Sunderland played very very well. good luck for your next game! Han Hye Jin's husband was the  MOTM for them. but nobody care about the losers anyway. ah well.


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