29 September, 2013

Hanzawa Naoki. double payback, please.


a couple of weeks ago, i saw a tweet by Tokyograph that mentioned something like "Hanzawa Naoki rating: 35.9%".

fyi, Tokyograph is something like a source that provide my Japanese entertainment news. so, when i saw that tweet, i was like "oh. a Japanese drama with that kind of rating. must be that long historical Japanese drama".

still, i googled it. i am having a pretty long holiday right now. some 50 episodes drama won't be a problem for me.

i was wrong. it wasn't a historical drama. it was a modern drama. to make things interesting, it was a drama about a banker's life. the synopsis wasn't really interesting. something like a banker was wrongly accused for passing a 500million yen loan to an almost bankrupt company.

i was a science student. economic or financial stuff is not my interest. i don't like banks. they hate my ATM cards. so i wasn't really interested in watching that drama.

however, as i said before, i have a pretty long holiday. the drama only had 10 episodes. i didn't think it'd give me any harm tho.

so i downloaded the drama.

i watched the 1st episode.

then the 2nd one.....

then the 3rd one..........

then i realized that it was actually an ONGOING drama.

i immediately checked dramawiki. they only have one episode left.
i checked the subs at d-addicts. they already subbed the 9th episode.

and then i realized. i don't think i can wait for the next episode if i watch the 9th episode. so, i thought, maybe i should just watched until the 5th episode and wait patiently for episode 10.

i ended up watching the drama until the 6th episode. then i stop.

i checked dramawiki again. i looked at the broadcast day: "Sunday". i was like "my goodness. i have to wait next week!!"

then i realized, "today (the day when i started watching) is Sunday".


so i checked the d-addicts that always release the drama torrent. apparently, the 9th episode was shown on the previous week. so, imagine my feeling when i found out that the 10th episode was already released in Japan (on that day). i was like "I WILL WAIT UNTIL THE SUB COMES OUT!!"

so i waited.

i waited for 5 days. the subs for the episode 10, the finale, finally released.

so i watched episode 7 that i had left off few days ago, until episode 10.........

the feeling.
i do not know how to explain it perfectly.
from the start till finish, the drama is just brilliant. never fail to make me disappointed. just brilliant! so so so good.

i have to say,  this is the best drama i ever watched. the last time that i had this kind of feeling was when i watched Deep Rooted Tree. but Hanzawa Naoki is more fast-paced but with a better ending.

that ending was so dramatic, it just makes me want to wait for season 2 even though there is no announcement about it. it was just so so so good. they have to make a season 2. they have to!!!

too many positives about this drama. i like that they show the lifestyle of a banker, which i only know as the person who always took RM20 whenever i had to replace my card even though it was never my fault. but this drama makes me respect bankers more, therefore, i forgive you, CIMB.

and i also like Sakai Masato and Aya Ueto as a married couple. them being a couple that oozes plenty of sweetness show that marriage is not really about trusting each other, but it is also about understand each other's life and accept the fact that 'my partner's life is also my life'.

anyway, please watch this drama, people!

if you don't like it, it just mean that you are so lazy to understand financial terms.

here is some good stuff by Hanzawa Naoki:


season 2 please.

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Unknown said...

Just watched the 10ep loved it hope to have a season 2. In my opinion the Chairman gave that pisition to Hanzawa Naoike to be Extremely polished and be very Good on his craft soon a Chairman. Thank u.