27 February, 2007

Johnny's Entertainment quiz

found this at a forum....pretty nice..

1. When you meet someone for the first time, it takes you a pretty long time to open your heart to them.
For true, go to 2
For false, go to 7

2. You believe in the legend that people who are fated to be together are tied together by a red thread on their pinkies.
For true, go to 9
For false, go to 3

3. You're not bragging, but you rarely lose your stuff.
For true, go to 4
For false, go to 8

4. What type of food do you prefer?
A: Cheap but delicious fast food (go to 10)
B: French, Italian, or other high class food (go to 5)

5. If your heart was broken, you think you'd be the type who wouldn't recover for a while and stay depressed.
For true, go to 6
For false, go to 11

6. Even if it didn't fit with your tastes, if there was a type of clothing that was really popular, you'd buy it and try wearing it.
For true, go to 12
For false, go to 11

7. Rather than you treating others, there are more instances of you being treated by your friends.
For true, go to 13
For false, go to 8

8. You can't really wake up in the mornings.
For true, go to 14
For false, go to 15

9. Even if there was something bothering you, if you sleep one night you totally forget about it the next day.
For true, go to 16
For false, go to 15

10. Because your room is always kept clean, you never have things lying scattered around.
For true, go to 17
For false, go to 11

11. You often receive advice from your friends.
For true, go to 12
For false, go to 17

12. If when you look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house and your hair isn't set properly, you feel blue all through the day.
For true, go to 17
For false, go to 18

13. When you go out to eat, which is more common?
A: Going with your friends (go to 14)
B: Going alone to your favorite restaurant (go to 20)

14. You're often told by your parents and school teachers to be more quiet.
For true, go to 19
For false, go to 15

15. If you were to go to a movie, which would you see?
A: A love story (go to 20)
B: A suspense story (go to 21)

16. You've had a big fight with a friend before, to the point that it became awkward.
For true, go to 15
For false, go to 22

17. When you see a train door closing, you get flustered.
For true, go to 23
For false, go to 22

18. At school and other places, when you participate in group behavior...
A: You're good at it (go to 17)
B: You're not so good... (go to 24)

19. You have more than 5 friends of the opposite sex who you can talk to about anything.
For true, go to 25
For false, go to 27

20. If you were told to keep a secret by your friend, you would...
A: Never tell anyone (go to 26)
B: You might tell someone depending on the situation (go to 19)

21. You think that sometimes it may be necessary to lie in order to not hurt someone.
For true, go to 22
For false, go to 20

22. If it suddenly starts raining, just from that you become sort of blue.
For true, go to 27
For false, go to 30

23. You're often fooled by your friends and associates.
For true, go to 28
For false, go to 24

24. If you're walking down the street and you see something you want, you...
A: Buy it right away! (go to 29)
B: Decide after thinking about it (go to 30)

25. You love "trendy dramas"!
For true, go to 33
For false, go to 31

26. You at least look at more than just the TV pages in the newspaper.
For true, go to 32
For false, go to 25

27. In the future if you were to get married, you'd rather wait until you were an appropriate age than do it while you're young.
For true, go to 35
For false, go to 33

28. If you went on a trip, which would you prefer?
A: Have a relaxing trip to a hot springs inside the country (go to 27)
B: Go abroad and play (go to 29)

29. Rather than bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange, you prefer calm colors like navy, beige, and black.
For true, go to 36
For false, go to 33

30. At night, even if a friend calls you, if you're tired or it's bothersome you won't answer.
For true, go to 34
For false, go to 29

31. With your allowance or gift money, you...
A: Spend it all at once (go to A)
B: Put it into savings (go to B )

32. You love K1, pro wrestling, and boxing, and just watching them makes you happy.
For true, go to C
For false, go to 31

33. You're not satisfied unless you're the first to check out a popular artist's latest song.
For true, go to A
For false, go to 32

34. You're good at handling and playing with babies and small children.
For true, go to D
For false, go to 35

35. When you're playing a video game and you can't get past a part, you...
A: Give up in the middle (go to F)
B: Try until you finish! (go to C)

36. You think it's nearly impossible to win a lot of money at a lottery.
For true, go to 35
For false, go to E

A Bright and frivolous type
You're always bright and fun. You posess the power to make the people around you happy. But if you get too excited, you might be called a "frivolous person"!?
Members: Akanishi Jin, Jimmy Mackey, Kamenashi Kazuya, Yonehana Tsuyoshi, Kawai Fumito, Katou Shigeaki, Fujigaya Taisuke, Akama Naoya, Nakaegawa Rikiya, Kusano Hironori, Nikaido Takashi

B Dilligent and nervous type
You keep your promises, and have an ability to make plans, you're a very dilligent person. But you also have a side where you get nervous about minute things. It might be good for you to become more big-hearted.
Members: Yamashita Tomohisa, Hasegawa Jun, Taguchi Junnosuke, Akiyama Jun, Murakami Shingo, Koyama Keiichirou, Yokoo Wataru, Machida Shingo, Iida Kyohei, Tsukada Ryoichi

C Tough and stubborn type
You hate to bend, and want to do everything precisely, you're tough and wild. Having strong intentions is proper, but you have a tendency to become too stubborn.
Members: Takizawa Hideaki, Toushin Yoshikazu, Tanaka Koki, Yokoyama Yuu, Masuda Takahisa, Goseki Kouichi, Uchi Hiroki, Nishikido Ryo, Uesato Ryota, Moriuchi Takahiro

D My pace and big-hearted type
You don't worry about the small things, and are lively and dependable. Your friends always count on you. As long as you try to keep harmony with your surroundings, you have nothing to fear!
Members: Hamanaka Bun'ichi (there were only 6 people who got this one, and most are unknown to me^^Wink

E Dreaming romanticist type
You're always describing big dreams. Although you're a very sensitive and naive person, if you only talk about your dreams, you may be taken by "escapism"...
Members: Nakamaru Yuuichi, Yasuda Shouta, Ueda Tatsuya

F Cool and detached type
Whatever happens you stay composed, you're an elite type who can advance things calmly. But if you're too composed, you'll be thought of as "always detached," so don't forget to smile!
Members: Imai Tsubasa, Ikuta Touma, Kazama Shunsuke, Maruyama Ryuhei, Shibutani Subaru, Totsuka Shouta, Ohkura Tadayoshi

Credit to vanggirlie from xanga

anyway...if u dunno who are those japanese guys...no worries..there always have google!

anyway...i got F:cool and detached...ikuta toma in it!!!!!!!

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