31 January, 2008


A'kum n ello...

i'm hungry..
very bloody hungry..
it's 10.08pm and i eat nothing yet..
and today only eat lunch that liyana brought from her home...
and i didn't eat breakfast..
except some cakes...and also half teaspoon of caramel..

tell you something about me..
when i'm sleeping,or hungry or liverpool lose..
you better don't make funny remarks or even tease me or say bad things to me..
cos my mood is changeable but when this 3 things happen,
i will lose my temper and seldom control it...
cos both sleeping and eating are very important to me..
and obviously a Liverpool win is terribly special to me..
so when i'm not eating,nor sleeping and also liverpool lose..
it means i'm in a very2 bad mood..

right now...
i'm not eating..
my stomach is empty..
and my mind is sleepy...
and liverpool lose this morning..
so i'm terribly moody..


not that it decrease any of my bad mood,that stupid word..

stupid domino and mcd...
why the hell people order fast foods on the night like right now..??


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