11 January, 2008

kursus theory

A'kum n ello..

back from the driving lesson..today only the kursus theory thingy..nothing much..just listened to what the man said...i kinda confuse about what he said..too many steps and all..but still what he said was alright...just that my bladder made another problem and i really can't focus the talk...haha..

the next driving class will be this monday..and i already know who my instructor is...the name is Asmad..i dunno how he looks or something other than his name...hope he's a good guy....when ainaa knew who's her instructor...she looked at the name and then the person is Zamri and she was like "ala"...ahah...i told her how can she say "ala" if she doesn't know who the person is....

can only hope that this person is a kind guy and not a pervert..haha..
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