26 January, 2008

DBSK date -part 2-

A'kum n ello..

again,if you're not emi or a devoted DBSK fan,don't even try to read.cos this part also long~~.

This is gonna be a scenario as your first date ever with a member in DBSK. EVER.

You just woke up and are so excited that you are gonna date one member of the group for the rest of the month, but you don't know who it is yet.All of a sudden DING DONG! You rush downstairs in your dream house and swing the door open. Standing there on the front porch is Yoochun, smiling the biggest smile you have ever seen, holding a box of chocolates, and he swings his arm from behind him with a bouquet of roses.

1. Q: Remember, you just woke up!! That means you haven't bruhsed your teeth, your hair's a mess, and you don't look decent. He sees your state of being and says ,"Look, if now isn't the right time, then I'll just come back and-"
What would you say to try and tell him to come in without letting him catch a whiff of your breath?(P.S You can also make gestures too!)

smile.and take the flower and just nod and smile again and making him understand that i'm thankful about the flowers and by that,he understand that i want him in.

So he stays and you signal him to come with you upstairs. SO he follows with his eyes wide, staring at everything in your house. You point him to your room or the guest room. He walks in your bedroom. So you go to the bathroom and fix yourself up. You come in and see that Yoochun has fallen asleep on your bed!

2. Q: Without hurting him or anything of that sort, how would you wake him up? (P.S. by hurting him, I meant, that like, don't slap his cheek lightly or hitting him or anything like that.)

just shove his body like i'm waking up my sis for her subuh prayer.unlike my sis who will lose her temper to me,i don't think micky will lose his cool by that shoving.

So now, he's wide awake, kind of blushing because he's embarrassed that he fell asleep on your bed. You tell him to come downstairs and have breakfast with you. YOu take the flowers and put them in a vase. Then he starts to speak, but in Korean. And you haven't learned korean yet!! So you just nod, and he gets a clue that you don't get what he's saying.

3. Q: Yoochun begins to ask you in english, 'do you know what i am trying to say?' What would you respond without making him feel kinda dumb for not knowing you haven't learned that much korean?

i'll say no to him.cos honesty is the best policy.and then,by not making him look dumb,i will ask him to teach me korean words.so that i can understand him more.and also tell him that the only korean words that i know are saranghaeyo,yoboseyo and hwaiting.

So you tell him, and he smiles and laughs at himself. You stutter to say in korean, 'what do you for breakfast?' He says in english, ' don't strain yourself with korean. It's okay, I can still understand english. I think I want ramen.' You feel embarrassed and a little shy around him. You make him his breakfast, and he ate it quick.

4. Q: Now he feels a little shy and nervous because you were staring at him in amazement that he ate that quick. He looks up and says,' Sorry! I'm just really hungry.' You say,'Oh no...it's okay.' So then he says,' Guess what? I got a surprise for you.' You ask what it is. Then he says guess. What would you guess?

a good morning kiss??..cos truthfully,i love a good morning kiss...~~chu~~~!..eventhough it's from yoochun and not changmin..

Well, whatever you guessed was wrong. So he takes you by the hand and says,'close your eyes.' So you close them shut and he takes you to the front porch and says,' okay, you can open them now!' You open your eyes and you see a long train of cars and a man holding open a car door. Then he says,' Today, were gonna show you off to the world. Starting at the pier.' (GASP!!)

5.Q: What would you respond? Would you over react or something?

erm.i think i will over react and say "gile banyak kereta!!"

So you run upstairs, still holding his hand for some strange reason. He says breathlessly, 'What are you doing?!'
'Something!' You push him against a wall and kiss him then let his hand go and run into your room to change into something pretty and perfect to wear for the pier.

6. Q:What would you wear?(P>S> It's bright and sunny and it's pretty warm outside with a slight breeze.)

that white quicksilver long sleeve that i have with a jeans.

So you're all ready and when you open the door, Yoochun 's just slouched against the wall waiting for you. He looks you up and down and says with a smile,'wow...you look pretty.' You thank him and drag him by the hand downstairs and out onto the porch. He says wait! You stand still on the porch and he hugs you and holds you. He says, ' are you sure you won't want a jacket or something?'

7. Q: Would you say yes because he is offering his jacket, or just say no and wait till later?

i'll say no.cos i don't think it will be that cold right?..it's still morning...

Here's the split scenario already. I know it's kinda early, but remember, this is the first day of a whole week. You go out with him for a month, but I'm just gonna do a week's scenario okay?

So if you said yes, here's your part of the scenario. If you said no, just scroll down to your eighth.

So you're wearing it and it gets a little warmer than intended. He asks if you want to take it off, so you do. He's holding it for you and you two go on the ferris wheel. It stops where you get to see the whole city and beach's view. He stretches his arm around you and you cuddle up to him. You rest your head on his chest and he rests his head on top of yours. You both just watch the view happily. As the ride continues to turn one last time, Yoochun tries to kiss you.

8. Q: So he tries to kiss you. Do you resist or not?

If you resisted, your story ends here. Do you want to know what happens?
Since you resisted, he feels awkward as you pull away. You look the other way, and he does too. Sadly, your date ends early, without him asking you out for tomorrow.

And you two kissed! Yay...you got your first kiss from Yoochun. XD hehe. He smiles after and you blush. You feel your cheeks turn warm and smile an embarrassed smile. Then he tries again, but you feel yourself pull away. He looks down disappointed, but understands why. He makes conversation, and makes you laugh. He says,' Your laugh is cute.' You blush some more and look the other way. He follows your eyes and pulls your hair back and sees you blush some more. You turn to him and give him a quick peck on the cheek.

9. Q: He smiles a big smile and walks you down and takes you to the food court. He buys you food and sees you eat it down within 5 minutes. He stares at you in amazement. How would you respond?

Here's the 'no' scenario for you.

So he leaves the jacket in the car when you guys go to the rides. He has his arm around you the whole time. You two walk around until you find a good roller coaster. As you two wait in line for the tickets, he begins to talk to you. He tries to tell you the best he can in english ,'If you're scared of roller coasters, we can choose another ride.' But your persist on staying. You two finally get in the cart.

8. Q: As you two go up the chain lift, he takes a picture of the both of you making a scared face. It turns out good and he hides the camera. You clutch onto his arm tightly and as you go down on the tip he flings his arms in the air. You aren't that scared, but you just need something to hold. He looks at you laughing, and tells you to fling your arms in the air and just don't be scared. Do you fling them up, or stay tightly down?

let just say,i fling them up.cos he asked me to.i'm not that scared of roller coaster.and yoochun is not changmin~~~~.i don't want to held him that tightly....

If you stayed tightly down, your story ends here. Do you want to know what happened?
He looked back at you and yelled to speak over the people behind, ' why didn't you do it?' You couldn't respond. So as you two board off, he feels untrusted and ignores you the whole day.

If you listened, your story continues.

You fling them up and your frown turns upside down! You laugh, smile, and yell at the top of your lungs. He turns to you and you two laugh together. He walks you off, still laughing together. You two walk over to the games area and yoochun sees you peek at the prizes. 'You want one of those prizes?' he asks you.

9. Q: Your choices are a large teddy bear, a smaller one, an inflatable hammer, and a small hello kitty plush. Micky asks what you wanted, remember? so which one would you want him to win for you?

teddy bear.dunno why.hammer and hello kitty??kidding me?

So he gets you the one you wanted and sees you smile. You points you to the ferris wheel and you both get on. His arm is still around you and you lean on him. he moves your hair and you both look at each other and kiss. (hehe) The wheel stops turning and stays still for about 5 minutes. He says,'Today was great. But you know, there's a part two to this day right?'

Here's where the split combines!! XD Enjoy the rest!!

The sun is beginning to set and he says, 'okay, I want yo to trust me and close your eyes.' So he puts a blindfold on your eyes and he takes you by the hand down some stairs. All of a sudden, you feel a soft texture on your feet. He says to keep the blind fold on, so you do. Then you feel cold air hit your skin and you hear a roar of the ocean. Soon , it gets colder and the roar gets louder. He says, 'okay, take it off!!' He goes behind you and unties the blindfold for you. In front of you, you see a beautiful sunset and the ocean's waves adds a perfect natural touch to the whole scene. He wraps his jacket around you. He rolled up his pants, kicked off his flip flops and splashes in the water. You laugh your loudest and he pulls your hand and holds you while you both wade in the water.

10. Q: He holds you close(You two are facing each other). He asks you,'how did you like my surprise? Did I really surprise you?' Well...did he? Did you like it?

to tell you the truth,i like it.cos it's romantic.and i don't want to spoil the mood and say no,so i just say truthfully i really like it.and anyway,eventhough he is not changmin,i don't think changmin will do something like this right?..ahahah!

If you said no,(i don't know anyone who wouldn't of enjoyed THIS day, but there are those kinds of people) your story ends here. Do you want to know what happened?
He says 'oh,' and lets you go. He walks off, and is quiet for the rest of the night. He doesn't bother to ask you out again.

If you said yes, your story continues.

It gets darker and you two walk on the beach, on the shoreline(feet are still in the water) You said its getting really cold and he holds your hand. He smiles, and wraps his arm around you. You smile back, and rest your head on his shoulder. He says,' Today was fun. I really liked it, especially knowing that I spent it with you.' He kisses you.

You two hop in the car and cruise around. He finally drops you off at your house and gives you a goodnight kiss and he holds you on your porch. He asks you out again and of course you say yes.

credits to:Kristine from group dbsk@multiply


i found out that this is the micky version..
kinda want to change the ending..

but whatever...
the day was alright.
maybe eventually i'll like micky after that...
cos i love the beach..

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