29 January, 2008

alisa's birthday &aiman sickie

A'kum n ello..

got back from secret recipe...we celebrate her birthday there...tho seksyen9 has it owns secret recipe,we went to sacc..cos maybe that place is better or something like that...anyway...i told my dad to go there cos maiz works there...and my dad asked if we can get discount from her...haha

so we went..and saw maiz working..i think her work place is friendly cos she can say HI loudly to me from the counter..and then she came to me and saw aiman and played with him...and i asked her if we can get discount from her..she said she can't cos she's a part-timer..only the full-timer can ask for discount...then we did the blow the candles thing...aiman had a weird face watching the burning candles...the whole family laugh looking at his expression..and then we ate the other food besides the cake...and also gave the pressies to my sis...i can't remember her response when she saw our gifts...i gave her this spray water thing(?) for her hair-styling activity..my dad gave her this hair-curler that most professional use..the thing is good~~~~!!....cos i'm the first person who feel the use of the curler...hoho...and then bye2 from the secret recipe...

btw,on the way to go to secret recipe..pass by the Giordano shop...and saw arif,an old mate from standard6 working there...wave at him and he looks at me weirdly and then wave back with smiling face..ahah..cos we just chat about what we're doing after spm at myspace just a few days ago..and then we met..cool~...

anyway...something bad happen to aiman..he got a flu...and then just now he got a fever...haish~..i dunno how he got it..maybe cos i'm bad in taking care of children..ah~..i'm disappointed in myself about this...

so ah hin,sorry that i can't go to Times Square with you...very2 sorry that i can't go with you...hope you have fun then..~

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